Naked cake for Easter

The other night, I railed against all the people who find fault with the recipes that we graciously publish on our blogs. I publish a recipe based on peppers knowing (fortunately for me!) that it is not the season. However, I take the trouble to explain why and how, but one person still feels obliged to find fault… At the same time, I see another who complains about seeing advertising, partnerships etc… on blogs, and others who cry out in bewilderment at a Nutella product. And I’m not talking about the remarks when we post our recipe for a dish that is not exactly the same as grandma’s.
Well, all this annoyed me, because I like to think that everyone does what they want on their blog, their FB page or their Instagram account.

So I went to bed with the idea that it would be necessary to make a recipe that would take up all these themes. And that’s how the next day I prepared a naked cake composed of Breton shortbread with cocoa, garnished with strawberries and Nutella.
Sensitive souls stay away from your screen!

This cake is extremely simple and quick to make and visually, it throws. Like what, you can make pretty cakes with very little.
Afterwards, it tastes of what it is made of… I let you imagine.

Naked cake for Easter:

Breton shortbread with cocoa:

4 egg yolks
120g sugar
150g soft salted butter
180g flour
2 level tsp baking powder
20g bitter cocoa

Preheat the oven to 170°C.

Whisk the yolks and sugar together until fluffy.
Add the butter and continue to whisk.
Add the flour, baking powder and cocoa. Mix without insisting too much.

Pour 1/3 of the preparation (about 185 g) into a greased 15 cm mold. The ideal is to have several to cook the 3 cakes at the same time, otherwise, we do one after the other.

Cook for about 20 minutes.

Let cool before unmolding onto a wire rack.
Let cool.


A few spoonfuls of Nutella
250g strawberries

Place the first shortbread, hollow on it and cover with a little Nutella and strawberry pieces.
Cover with another shortbread, still hollow on it. Cover in the same way.
Place the third shortbread, hollow side down.
Spread Nutella on it.

Decorate with strawberries, a chocolate bunny….

To finish: and if it is, the spread that I used to make this cake may not even really be Nutella…
And maybe even my strawberries come from France, and it’s the season… In any case, that’s what was written at my primeur!
And maybe the Breton shortbread with cocoa is delicious and it’s an idea that I will use in other cakes…

Good, and me now, I’m off to spend my weekend in the depths of Cantal, where there is no network.
And maybe all the lesson givers do the same and I wouldn’t have any derogatory comments…

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