My eBook: The egg, 20 sweet and savory recipes

I’ve been blogging for 5 years now with great pleasure. He grew slowly, without rushing. However, the exercise always remains the same. A recipe that I like, a little shoot, a text and voila, it’s online.

Over time, I learned which recipe was going to work (ah, chocolate!), which would be shunned (usually salty!). I love reading your comments and private messages. I know that I have loyal readers and I am amazed by the number of recipes that many have tested. I am happy to have my little dishes on your tables so often. I love all the encounters I have had over the years.

I love this blog and everything related to it.

For some time, I wanted to try my hand at another exercise, that of writing a cookbook. Maybe one day there will be a real one, in paper with (let’s be crazy!) my own photos. In the meantime, I wanted to know if I was able to carry out this project, by trying my hand at writing an electronic book.
I suspected that this work would be very different from that of the blog.

I already had to find a subject… I think that’s what took me the longest in the end. Finally, I chose to talk about the egg, the ingredient that is absolutely essential to me on a daily basis. I made a first selection of recipes… There, I quietly exceeded a hundred ideas. I documented myself, I refined my selection, then I went to the kitchen while trying to take beautiful photos.

Finally, I had to try to understand how a word processor works. I also wondered at length about the best way to distribute an ebook. I have read and re-read to correct any errors.
There you go, now I’m here, apprehending the moment when I’m going to press the “publish” button, this moment when you’re going to discover my little book…

I chose to sell it on the Payhip platform. Payment is made by Paypal or credit card. You will receive an email with the download link of the book in PDF. The book can then be consulted on a computer, tablet or telephone.

The sale price is 3.50 euros.

You will find 10 savory recipes that cover the different egg preparation methods. These are very easy to make and successful recipes that you can cook every day.

  • Boiled eggs and seaweed butter
  • egg curry
  • Lentil salad and poached eggs
  • Egg casserole in a bun
  • Gougères with parmesan and pepper
  • Croque madame
  • Sorrel and camembert frittata
  • Cod back, Hollandaise sauce
  • Garganelli
  • Beef Ragu

You will also find 10 very tasty sweet recipes. Again, they are very easy to make and will certainly delight young and old.

  • Eton mess rhubarb cake
  • Meringue pie with red fruits
  • Strawberry puffed omelet
  • Magic prune cake
  • Panna cotta with coconut cream
  • Apricot pie
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Speculoos cake
  • Banana Semifreddo
  • Chocolate and pear pastry cake

You will also find plenty of general information on eggs and their conservation, tips on the different cooking and preparation of eggs, and a special page on meringues.

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