Mojito poptails: Mojito poptails

Our children love ice cream and especially popsicles. That’s good, because we love to prepare it for them. Very quick to make, they are very good, economical and much lighter than any commercial ice cream.
I gave you recipes here and the.

And if for once, we had a selfish pleasure with ice cream just for adults.
Americans call it poptails (popsicle + cocktails). The principle is very simple. It’s about freezing our favorite cocktail.
Of course, I chose the mojito.
I loved these sticks. The alcohol brings a pleasant texture. The taste is perfect.

I let you imagine a warm late afternoon, feet fanned out, a book in one hand, a mojito stick in the other…
Does it speak to you?

Mojito poptails:

Mint sirup:

100g golden sugar
100g water

1 large handful of fresh mint

Put everything in a saucepan and bring to a boil to melt the sugar.
Allow to cool before straining.

Mojito poptails:

40g white rum
50g lime juice (2 lemons)
40g mint syrup
90 g lemonade (degassed)

Mix all ingredients.

Fill 4 stick moulds.

To unmold the sticks, simply pass them under a trickle of warm water.
Eat right out of the freezer.

To finish: I used the same molds ashere, but I preferred wooden sticks. The preparation being liquid, difficult to hold the stick in the center without a little tinkering. All you have to do is take a thin piece of cardboard and make holes in the places where the sticks will be positioned. And that’s it, so everything stays in place.

I used blond sugar or the pretty cream color of my sticks. With white sugar, you will have much more translucent sticks.
You’ll have some mint syrup left over for another time.
Unless you use it to flavor and sweeten a red fruit smoothie…

It is sometimes difficult to find very juicy limes. Most of the time, it is enough to feel them. If they are hard, they may give little juice.
Sometimes it is more convenient to buy bottled lime juice from the organic section.

To have a degassed lemonade, just stir it with a small spoon.

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