Mochi, caramel sauce

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I always prepare coconut pearls. It is a classic of Asian restaurants. They consist of a dough with glutinous rice flour. The usual toppings are mung bean, egg or peanut. Finally, the pearls are coated with coconut. Personally, I love putting chocolate inside. My favorite recipe is here. It is really very easy to make and delicious. Melting chocolate and coconut make these pearls a treat.

This year, I wanted to change things up a bit and make mochi. This little Japanese dessert is ultimately very similar to coconut pearls, since the basic ingredient is again glutinous rice flour. For toppings, we find adzuki bean paste, black sesame or even ice cream. I recently saw that you could also find salty versions.
I preferred the dango moshi, without garnish and presented on skewers. They are served with a caramelized soy sauce. It’s very good, but being a gourmet that I am, I preferred to accompany them with a salted butter caramel sauce. It’s terribly greedy and totally addictive.
Again, it’s a treat! This small dessert will be perfect to end in style a small meal with Asian flavors. And, you’ll see, it’s really very, very simple to do.

Mochi, caramel sauce

250g glutinous rice flour
1 good tbsp icing sugar
200ml water

10 soft caramels Mother Poulard

1 tbsp liquid cream

Mix flour and icing sugar.

Do cool down the water.
Pour it over the flour and mmix first with a spoon, then by hand until you have a ball of dough,

Make about 20 small balls and roll them in the palm of the hand.

Heat a pot of water.

Melt the caramels in the cream by placing them in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
Mix well.

Immerse the mochi in boiling water and let them cook for a few minutes over medium heat. They are cooked when they rise to the surface.
Take them out of the water.

Serve hot drizzle with caramel sauce, presented or not on a skewer.

To finish: It is also possible to put the mochi on the skewers before steaming them, rather than in water. As it’s a dessert that I make quickly, I prefer the water method, which is faster.

It will be necessary to consume them immediately or at least during the day, after a short passage in the microwave to warm them up. The next day they are hard.

Glutinous rice flour is easily found in any Asian grocery store.

If the traditional sauce tempts you, I also give you the recipe. Just make a dry caramel with 2 tablespoons of sugar then add 60 ml of hot water, 1 spoon of sweet soy sauce and 1 spoon of mirin. It’s very good even if I prefer our caramel.

For the sauce, I melt candies, because it really is the fastest method. The salted butter caramel recipe is here.

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