Mini cheesecakes with red fruits, easy and express recipe

Mini cheesecakes with red fruits, easy and express recipe

Some time ago, I offered you a recipe for yogurt, lemon and blueberry mousse. A delight! The hold of these mousses is so beautiful that I thought they deserved to come out of the glass to be a cake in their own right.

So I made mini Greek yogurt cheesecakes. You’re going to tell me that these aren’t cheesecakes. And that’s true ! But I couldn’t find a better name.
This recipe is really very easy. It is possible to prepare and taste it 1 hour later. And, there is no cooking, which is perfect for the scorching days ahead. The trick is to use sweetened condensed milk which, along with the lemon juice, provides the perfect texture.
I used paper cases, and put 40/45 minutes in the freezer, just the time needed to freeze the mousse and be able to serve it. It only takes a very short time for them to come back to temperature. A little raspberry jam, a few red fruits and voila, we can enjoy ourselves. The foam is very light, like a little cloud. It’s fresh, ideal for a summer dessert.

Mini cheesecakes with red fruits:

100g small butters

50g melted butter
250 g Greek yogurt
120g sweetened condensed milk
80ml lemon juice
120 g full cream
80g mascarpone
Raspberry jam, raspberries, blueberries

Place 10 paper liners in muffin tins.

Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin and add the melted butter. To mix together.
Divide into the boxes and press down with the bottom of a glass.

Combine Greek yogurt, sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice.
Whip the very cold cream and the mascarpone into whipped cream.
Gently add to the first mixture.
Spread over cookies and smooth.

Put everything in the freezer for about 45 minutes. It doesn’t have to be deep frozen at all, it’s just to remove boxes easily.
Remove the cases and let come to temperature for a little while. A video of these different steps will be published on my instagram account

Decorate with jam and red fruits.
Enjoy immediately.
Mini cheesecakes with red fruits, easy and express recipe

To finish: you can leave them longer in the freezer. In this case, it will be necessary to take them out a little more in advance to give them time to thaw. Decorate when serving.
You can also make them in small circles using a rhodoïd to facilitate the release. In this case, a stay in the fridge is enough.

Greek yogurt is the strained one, not the “Greek-style” one.

You can also use Philadelphia instead of yogurt. And there, it’s cheesecakes.

For a large cake, I did not try. I think it should be fine too, making it the day before and leaving it overnight in the fridge in a circle with rhodoïd. To see if a sheet of gelatin would not still be necessary for a nice cut.

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