Melon jam with Pastis

When we go to the market, we never know what we will bring back.
That day, it was very hot and we were approaching lunch time. So I took advantage of all these factors and my Cavaillon melon seller kindly prepared a huge crate for me for a very ridiculous price. When you find yourself with 11 huge ripe melons, which you have already eaten at every meal for 3 days, then you feel like trying other recipes. Of course, I immediately thought of a jam.
The melon still needs to be seasoned. Pastis does this wonderfully. It doesn’t take much. The goal is not for it to take over the melon. It just adds a little touch.

The melon jam is special. Of course, it will not please everyone. On the other hand, she will have these amateurs!
Personally, I appreciate it very much.
Melon jam with Pastis:

800 g melon (2 large)
1 tbsp Pastis
600 g sugar + 1 tbsp
1 slightly heaped tbsp of Vitpris

Remove the skin and seeds from the melons.
Cut the flesh into pieces.
Add pastis and sugar.
Leave for 1 day in the fridge to marinate. The melon will release its juice..

Pour everything into a saucepan and cook at a rolling boil for about 20/25 minutes.

Mix the Vitpris and the sugar and sprinkle this mixture over the cooked melons.
Continue cooking for about 5 minutes.
Check the setting by depositing a small drop on a cold plate.

Pour boiling jam into sterilized jars.
Close the jars quickly then turn them over for a few minutes to sterilize them well.

Store the jars away from light.

To finish: the jam will taste like the melons you will be using. I have seen here and there people who take advantage of their tasteless melons to make jam, then complain about the taste of it… So we choose ripe and fragrant melons.

Vitpris is fruit pectin. It allows you to have well-set jams without having to cook for too long. You can find them in all major supermarkets.

Rather than Pastis, the jam could be flavored with a star anise or a licorice stick. Hmmm!

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