Melon, country ham and parmesan salad

Melon, country ham and parmesan salad

Right now, this melon salad is my favorite lunch. It comes together in no time and is really refreshing, light and delicious. The melon salad is another way to present this sun-kissed fruit that we love to taste as an appetizer with country ham. Thus, it becomes a main dish and it is a place that suits it perfectly.

The slices of melon are accompanied by arugula, country ham of course, but also shavings of parmesan and olives. All that’s missing is a few drops of sherry vinegar and a nice drizzle of olive oil to sit down to eat and enjoy.

Melon, country ham and parmesan salad:

1 melon (ripe, medium size)
1 good handful of arugula
2 slices of country ham
Parmesan cheese
black olives
2 tsp sherry vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Remove seeds and skin from melon.
Cut it into slices.

Wash, dry the arugula. Place it on a plate with the melon slices.
Arrange the ham in coarse pieces on top.
Make shavings of parmesan using a peeler directly above the dish.
Add a few olives.

To finish, pour a few drops of vinegar and a drizzle of oil.
Salt and pepper.

Serve as fresh.

Melon, country ham and parmesan saladMelon, country ham and parmesan salad

To finish: this salad is very simple, but made with good products it nevertheless becomes a festival of flavors.

01/07/2020: this salad remains one of my favorite summer salads. I always add a few roasted pine nuts.
Rather than country ham, I also like to use speck or bresaola.

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