Mango yogurt mousse, a last-minute New Year’s Eve dessert

For my radio column tomorrow, I imagined a Christmas Eve dessert to make at the very last minute. It is indeed not because we are a little taken by time, that we cannot make a beautiful and good dessert.

Of course, when you make your dessert at the last moment, you avoid getting into complicated assemblies. The pretty pastry cake, with lots of different preparations will be for next time.
Instead, I suggest a dessert with few ingredients and only two very simple preparations.

For the presentation, I chose to use a pretty glass. At the moment, it is the large glasses that have my preference. I think they have a very chic side, perfect for New Year’s Eve. Of course, unless you are very, very greedy, we will avoid filling them.

The advantage of using a glass is also in the textures. Indeed, an assembled cake must absolutely stand up and be pretty when cut. The use of gelatin is therefore essential. In a glass, gelatin is not used. The foams are thus very light and airy. They go well with more liquid and pleasantly scented preparations as well as with fresh fruit.

One of my favorite mousses since last summer is Greek yogurt mousse. I used it a lot with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I even put it on charlotte.

For a Christmas Eve dessert, I suggest you associate it with mango. This is delicious!

Mango yogurt mousse:

250 Greek yogurt
200g full cream
30g icing sugar
100g mango puree
1/2 mango
1 tbsp Passoa
spoon biscuits
1 passion fruit, mint leaves

Mix the yogurt and icing sugar.
Whip the cold cream into whipped cream.

Add the whipped cream to the yogurt, gently, with a spatula.

Mix the mango purée and the Passoa.
Cut the mango into small cubes.

In the bottom of the glasses, put a biscuit.
Cover it with a little grout.
Then add, using a spoon or a ladle, half of the yogurt mousse.
Spread the mango cubes and the rest of the coulis.
Cover with the rest of the mousse.

Decorate with passion fruit and mint leaves.

Book cool.

To finish: Greek yogurt is not Greek yogurt. It is more consistent and firm.
You can find it in some supermarkets, especially the Total brand.
You can also use Yopa type products. In this case, it is good to let it drain for a few hours in a fine filter.

I use ready-made mango puree. You can also use the rest of the mango to mix it and reduce it to a puree.

Choose beautiful mangoes, preferably arriving by air. The taste is really very different from those that have been picked green.

The Passoa, passion fruit alcohol, is not compulsory.

With these quantities, I made 4 large glasses, very generous. You can make 6 more reasonable size ones,
But, on the other hand, why be reasonable?

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