Lychee sorbet

This sorbet was not planned, but I accidentally ended up with 1 liter of thawed lychee puree to use quickly. I chose ease and lightness and turned to sorbet. After all, there is no season for indulging in ice cream. And then, I knew that I would be terribly happy with my daughter, who loves this fruit.

To preserve all the flavors of the lychee, I only added sugar, as in pure strawberry sorbet. I was very surprised by the flavor, because it is an explosion in the mouth.

I simply accompanied this sorbet with a delicious fresh lychee from Réunion and a crystallized rose petal. It is a dessert that will complete the New Year’s Eve meal in beauty and lightness.
It can also be served with a raspberry coulis which will bring a little acidity or why not a little champagne for even more refinement.

Lychee sorbet:

500g lychee purée
90 g jam sugar (with pectin)
1 squeeze of lime

Mix the lychee puree, sugar and lemon juice.
Leave to cool.

Pass the preparation in an ice cream maker then leave the sorbet for one to two hours in the freezer.
If it stays longer, it will have to be taken out a few minutes in advance.

Serve in pretty cups.

To finish: the pure fruit sorbet comes fromEdda. I had been conquered by the strawberry one and suddenly, I declined it with various fruits with a subtle flavor, such as melon. Jam sugar containing pectin provides a perfect texture. As no water is added, all the taste of the fruit is retained.

Lychee puree can be found in stores for professionals. Some are open to everyone. Do not hesitate to go there, because there are great products.
In the absence of puree, you can mix lychees in syrup or fresh lychees. Choose the good ones, even if they are more expensive.
It is possible to add a little lychee alcohol.

With these proportions, you will have enough to make about 6 large balls.

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