Log of chocolate and hazelnuts

Log of chocolate and hazelnuts

This is a bit of a special log. This one is not for your Christmas dessert. It will rather be the delicacy of your parties. It is perfect for snacking at any time of the day to have fun, to accompany a coffee, or to offer… On the other hand, I prefer to warn you right away, it will drive you crazy. You understood, a piece here, a piece there… It’s completely addictive!

To make this “log”, I was inspired by torrone dei morti recipes that we see on many Italian blogs. This is a delicacy that is frequently found in Toussaint in the Neapolitan region. I’ve been wanting to make some for several Christmases. This year, I’m completely at a loss to offer you yule log recipes, but I finally decided to prepare this one.
I could have used a silicone cake mould, and possibly not made tempered chocolate. But, I desperately wanted to use my tendril mold that Déco Relief sent to me some time ago. The shape is superb. On the other hand, for a very shiny chocolate and especially to be sure that the mold release is perfect, with this type of mould, it is preferable to temper the chocolate. It’s not that complicated either. I explained everything to you in this article. By choosing this mold, I knew I was going to get a very imposing log, to be cut into slices and shared with all those we love.
You can of course choose other sizes, a little smaller, perfect for gourmet gifts.

Log of chocolate and hazelnuts:

(According to GnamGnam.it)

400g white chocolate
100g dark chocolate
400g hazelnut spread
200g hazelnuts

Roast the hazelnuts by placing them in the oven at 170°C for 10/12 minutes.
Rub them in a clean cloth to remove the skins.

Melt the chocolates in the microwave, in 20-second increments. To mix together.
Add the spread. To mix together.
Add the hazelnuts. To mix together.

Let cool.

Chocolate shell:

300g dark chocolate
3g Mycryo

Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments. Finish melting the chocolate, stirring well.
When the temperature is 35°C, add the Mycryo and continue stirring until it reaches 32°C.

Pour the chocolate into the mould, distribute it evenly and empty the excess. Keep it in a water bath at 32°C.

Chill the mold until the chocolate sets.

When the chocolate is set, pour the filling inside.
Chill. As soon as the top is firm, it is possible to cover with reserved chocolate. (If there is any tempered chocolate left over, it can be saved for later use.)

Then store the log at room temperature.

Chocolate bar, hazelnut for Christmas

To finish: Carol also offered its very gourmet version of torrone dei morti.

For the spread, you choose the one you want. Personally, I tested here that of Alter Eco. She is very good.

You can only use white chocolate and spread for the inside. I was craving something a little less sweet, so I used dark chocolate as a substitute for some of the white.

Without tempering, simply melt the chocolate in the microwave. Finish melting the last pieces while stirring.
Cover the flexible mold with one or two layers of chocolate. Leave to cool.

This log is still huge. This is what makes it all its charm. But if it scares you, do not hesitate to test in smaller quantities, halving the quantities.

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