Lime Posset

Before leaving for a few days, for a weekend in Toulouse, I wanted to introduce you to my latest favourite, the lime posset.
However, this is not new, because I had already discovered and tested lemon posset a few years ago. This is a very old and truly amazing English dessert. You only need three ingredients, cream, sugar and lemon juice. By a chemical principle that is beyond me, the combination of the three makes it possible to obtain a fabulous cream, very smooth and which holds perfectly.
It is also at this level that my very first attempts had disappointed me. I had not obtained the ideal texture.

Last weekend, I wanted to try the experience again for a picnic. The heat having drained me of all energy, I needed a very simple dessert. This time I changed the way of making, the cream and the lemons. I got a more than perfect lime posset.

This dessert is incredibly delicious!
Accompanied by raspberries and a small dry cake, it is fresh and pleasant on the palate. I assure you, there was nothing left at the bottom of the ramekins.

Lime Posset:

450 g liquid full cream (35%)
85g sugar
75g lime juice

Heat the cream and sugar over medium heat.
Stir well to dissolve the sugar.
Maintain a light boil for about 5 minutes, being careful not to let the cream overflow.

Off the heat, add the lemon juice.
Stir. The mixture is already starting to thicken.

Leave to cool slightly before pouring the cream into individual containers.

Refrigerate for a few hours. The lime posset will continue to firm up.

Serve very chilled, with lime zest and raspberries.

To finish: the choice of cream is essential. This is where the secret to lime posset success lies. It must be whole, and very rich in fat. The 35% works wonders.
It is a pity that it is not always easily found. Some supermarkets still offer it in 1 liter cartons.

With lemon, the recipe is the same.

For these quantities, you can make 4 large ramekins or 8 small ones. Frankly, the large format is eaten very, very well, but it’s not very light anyway.
It’s up to you to be reasonable or not…

I told you a little earlier about my weekend in Toulouse. remember tartlets with spring vegetables and Roquefort Papillonwhich I had proposed to the Roquefort Papillon competition. I was surprised to have seduced the jury with this recipe and to be the last minute guest.
It’s going to be awesome!

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