Light cream and caramel apples. What to do with leftover pastry cream?

I told you, this year, I’m going to check the contents of my fridge even more. There is very often a small remainder which hides somewhere and which asks only to be valued.
I assure you that with a few little tricks, you can enjoy yourself with very little.

When we prepare a frangipane pancake, we end up with a little leftover pastry cream, which we often know what to do with. It is not necessarily very appetizing at the bottom of its bowl, and one is tempted to throw it away. It would be a shame, because our pastry cream is delicately flavored with vanilla and it can find its place in many desserts. To do this, simply mix it with whipped cream to aerate it and make it delicately frothy. Thus, it becomes a real treat.

I served it with apples quickly cooked in a caramel.
My little leftover pastry cream has become a very pretty dessert, hasn’t it?

Light cream and caramel apples:

130 g very cold vanilla pastry cream (recipe here)
100 g full cream
30g mascarpone
50g sugar
2 apples (Jonagored)

Peel and cut the apples into small cubes.

Pour the sugar into a pan and let it caramelize over medium heat.
When it has a nice golden color, add the apples and let them cook for 5 minutes. They should still be a little firm.
Let cool.

Mix the very cold cream and the mascarpone then whip them with a mixer until you have a nice whipped cream.

Whip the very cold pastry cream to restore its suppleness.
Add a spoonful of whipped cream and continue whipping it.
Then add the rest of the whipped cream delicately with a spatula.
Place the cream in a pocket.

Divide the cold apples among 4 glasses then cover with light cream.

Serve with small cookies.

To finish: of course, if you don’t have any leftover pastry cream, you can always make one just for this dessert.
It will then suffice to adapt the other quantities to fill 8 glasses.

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