Latte macchiato with Carambar®

If I prepared Carambar® syrup, it was actually with the intention of making deliciously flavored Carambar latte macchiato. I wanted to find its unique flavor in a very frothy coffee.
By the cold weather ahead, it will be the perfect drink, comforting as you wish.

To prepare a good latte macchiato, of course, you need a nice milk froth. There are quite expensive devices for this, but it is also very easy to find small milk frothers. For a few euros, they transform a simple drink into a real moment of pleasure. I find that there is nothing more greedy than a beautiful mousse!

My latte macchiato consists of Carambar syrup which flavors and sugar at the same time, frothed milk, coffee prepared in the Italian coffee maker and foam.
I really didn’t expect to get such pretty layers, so well marked, especially since it’s so easy to prepare.

The taste of Carambar is very pleasant and goes wonderfully with coffee. I completely fall for its regressive side, which feels so good.

Carambar latte macchiato:

For 1 cup:

Carambar syrup (recipe here)
1 espresso
50 to 60 ml whole milk

Pour the milk into a tall cup and heat it slightly.
Froth by putting the frother on the surface of the milk. Just touch it.
It takes about 30 seconds to get a nice lather.

In the serving glass, pour a stock of syrup.
Pour the milk over it, trying not to create too much foam.
Slowly pour the espresso over the milk.
Cover with moss.

Serve immediately.

To finish: to make it even more delicious, you could reduce the Carambar to a fine powder in the blender, and sprinkle it on top of the mousse.

I found my milk frother in my small supermarket. It doesn’t cost anything, but it’s really super smart as a product.

If you don’t want to use milk, just try sweetening your espresso with the syrup. We get a delicious fragrant coffee that frankly changes everything!

A classic espresso will also be perfect.

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