Kouign-amann with apples

Kouign-amann with apples

I imagined an apple pie a little different from those we usually eat. I enjoyed in advance to use a kouign-amann dough for that. So I prepared an apple kouign-amann. This is delicious.

Kouign-amann is prepared with a very simple bread dough which is then worked with butter and sugar to make it flaky and crispy.
Of course, you are going to tell me that kouign-amann is evil. Too much butter, too much sugar, but of course, too good. And, I’m not going to tell you otherwise. It’s very rich, but when you look closely, it’s no more than many other pastries. Look at the quantities of butter and sugar in certain cakes, a pie with puff pastry or even shortbread to which the filling is added, a chocolate fondant…
All this to tell you that you can also treat yourself with a slice of kouign-amann. and not just because apples give you a good conscience.

The dough is finally quite easy to make and above all fast. I have already used it in other forms, notably here. The folding method is the same as for a puff pastry, but here it is not necessary to make cold passages. This pie can be prepared in 15 minutes without any problem if you are comfortable with folding.

Kouign-amann with apples:

130g water
1 tsp dehydrated baker’s yeast
200g T55 flour
1 pinch of salt
150g butter (1/2 salt)
130g sugar
3 apples

Warm the water very slightly.
Add the yeast and mix.

In the bowl of the food processor, put the flour, salt and water/yeast mixture.
Knead for about 7 minutes at low speed.
Film and let rise for about 1 hour.

Meanwhile, butter and sugar a mold.
Put the rest of the butter between 2 sheets of parchment paper and spread it out so as to have a square about 1 cm thick.
Book cool.

Preheat the oven to 210°C.

Place the dough on a floured work surface and roll it out so that you can enclose the butter and sugar inside. Fold the dough over, bringing the edges together.
Lightly flour the dough top and bottom, then roll it out into a rectangle. Put the roller in front of you and spread only in this direction. He is not necessary to spread thinly.
Afterwards, it’s like a puff pastry. Fold by bringing the top, then the bottom towards the center and spread out in a rectangle in the same way.
Turn the dough a quarter turn, then repeat the same operation once, turn a quarter turn and spread and fold another time.

Now roll out the dough into a square, a little larger than the dish.

Peel the apples and cut them into slices, then place them on the dough. Bring the excess dough over.

Brush the dough with a little milk.

Bake for 20/25 minutes.

Serve warm or reheat lightly.

Kouign-amann like an apple pie

To finish: I use my cast iron skillet and the result is caramelized and crispy. The concern is that it can stick to the bottom. It must be unmolded while still warm with delicacy.
It is also possible to put a baking paper at the bottom.
You can also make in a silicone mold. It’s a little less golden, but no worries about unmolding.

Above all, choose a good butter.

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