Key lime pie (very easy recipe)

A while ago I shared with you lime mousse recipe which enchanted me with their flavor and ease. Their outfit being so perfect, I absolutely wanted to test this recipe in a cake.
At the first opportunity, I therefore prepared a Key lime pie. This dessert is a classic from Florida, in the Keys, where very special little limes grow. Sweetened condensed milk is another must-have ingredient in this pie.

My version is a little different from the traditional recipe, because the device is not cooked. The texture is foamy and very light. Its hold turned out to be perfect, even without gelatin. I only ate a tiny bit of it, but it was enough to win me over. Those who ate it a priori appreciated them too.

Delicious and really very simple to make, there is no doubt, I will make this cake again very, very often this summer.

You can prepare it for Sunday, in honor of Mother’s Day. Success guaranteed!

Key lime pie:

150 g of biscuits (Digestive)
90g butter
120g lime juice
300g sweetened condensed milk
300 g full cream

1 tbsp mascarpone
1 tsp icing sugar
strawberries, lime

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Coarsely mix the biscuits and butter.
Pack this mixture into an 18 cm circle placed on a baking sheet. Raise widely on the edges.

Bake for 10/12 minutes.

Once out of the oven, press down the biscuits again.

Let cool completely.

Squeeze the limes.
Mix juice and sweetened condensed milk. The mixture will thicken immediately.
Add the finely grated zest of a lemon.

Whip the cold cream into whipped cream.

Add 200 g of whipped cream to the lemon and condensed milk mixture. Gently fold in with a spatula.

Pour this mixture into the biscuit base.
Smooth the top.

Refrigerate for a few hours.

Add the icing sugar and mascarpone to the remaining cream.
Whisk again for 1 minute.
Set aside in a piping bag fitted with a smooth nozzle until it is time to decorate the cake.

Place the very cold cake on a serving dish and gently remove the circle by passing a blade all around.
Decorate with reserved cream.

Add a few strawberries and a few slices of lime.

To finish: the mascarpone in the whipped cream is not obligatory, but it makes it possible to have a cream which holds together much better.
For your cream to rise well, it is advisable to place the bowl and the whisks for 10 minutes in the freezer. The cream should also be very cold.

This cake can be made the day before. It will be stripped and decorated the same day.

I use an adjustable hoop, which allows me to always have the right size without having too many hoops. FYI, I saw some yesterday at Casa. It is a very good investment, especially since they only cost a few euros.
I use it all the time for a whole bunch of recipes.

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