Kaiserschmarrn, Austrian pancake

Kaiserschmarrn, Austrian crepe and plum jam

Today, I invite you to a little trip to Austria. We’re going to warm up with the kaiserschmarrn, a thick and fluffy crepe, cut into pieces, all caramelized and delicious. With this pancake, we are completely in the idea that I have of comfort food. It’s so comforting.
Also called the emperor’s crepe, kaiserschmarrn can be served as a snack. Ideally, after a walk in the cold or in the snow, when you come home with red cheeks and icy hands. But, we can completely consider it as a dinner. When I was little, my grandmothers very often prepared a thick pancake with apples, also coarsely cut. It’s a bit like my Proust madeleine and I still prepare it regularly. The kaiserschmarrn reminds me of those pancakes.

It’s really very simple to do. This is a very classic pancake batter, to which we add whipped egg whites for more lightness, and raisins that I soak in rum. The pancake is coarsely cut, then a little sugar is added at the last moment, which will caramelize the whole.
It is served with plum jam or compote. This is delicious.


25 g raisins
1 tbsp of rum
2 eggs
15g vanilla sugar
90g flour
170ml milk
15g butter
2 tsp sugar
jam (quetsches)

Soak the grapes in the rum a moment in advance.

Separate the whites from the yolks.
Whisk the yolks and sugar, then add the flour. To mix together.
Add the milk gradually.

Beat the egg whites, then add them to the batter gently.
Add raisins and rum.

Melt the butter in a large skillet and pour the batter over it. Let cook over medium low heat. When the crepe is colored underneath, cut it in 4 using a wooden spatula to easily turn each piece.
Allow to brown while cutting into smaller pieces.

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the bottom of the pan, and let it melt. Stir to lightly coat the crepe pieces and caramelize them.

Serve immediately with jam.

Kaiserschmarrn, the Austrian emperor's pancake
To finish: this pancake will be perfect for 2 people as a snack. Do not hesitate to double the quantities to make a second one.

I had prepared plum jam in the fall. You can absolutely choose other flavors, or even a homemade applesauce.

Candlemas is the time when the days get longer, when the sun will become more present. The round shape of the pancake would also be the representation. Failing to bring the sun, I put you a bouquet of mimosa…

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