Iced Vietnamese coffee

As soon as the good weather arrives, I love to prepare refreshing drinks. All summer long, I alternate iced teas, fruit juices, lemonades…
Recently, I also discovered fruit kefir, which gives even more possibilities to cope with the heat. And then I took advantage ofdelivery of chocolates, some of which are of “Vietnam” origin to also discover Vietnamese iced coffee. It is sometimes ignored that Vietnam is a major coffee producer. It is an exceptionally good coffee, without bitterness, with chocolate aromas.
Vietnamese particularly like to eat it iced, with condensed milk. A real delicacy!

In the absence of the small traditional coffee maker, I used my French press coffee maker. Just pour very hot water over the coffee and let it steep. You can find a lot of information and recipes here. There is even, for the more daring, a version with egg yolks.

Iced Vietnamese coffee:

2 measuring spoons of vietnamese coffee

300ml water
sweetened condensed milk

Put the coffee in the French press, then pour the boiling water over it.
Let infuse.

Pour the condensed milk into the glass. Depending on the quantity, the coffee will be more or less sweet.
Pour the coffee over it.

Add ice cubes. Mix and enjoy with a straw.

Vietnamese coffee can be consumed iced, but of course also hot. with condensed milk or without. I advise you to discover it in all its forms.

To finish: I like to accompany my coffee with a chocolate. If I don’t, I’m unhappy. Belgian chocolates that I had the pleasure of receiving from Planète Chocolat are delicious.

If you don’t have Vietnamese coffee, you can still make this iced coffee with a good coffee of your choice.

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