iced latte

iced latte

One of the perfect summer drinks is undoubtedly iced coffee. Ever since I discovered cold brew coffee, not a summer goes by that I don’t brew a nice amount of it. There is nothing simpler to do and in terms of taste, it’s the best. With simply a little water and sugar syrup it is already a treat.
But, this year, I wanted a milk version like the one we had all the time at the Tim Horton during our vacation last summer in Canada. And of course I wanted it with a nice mousse on it. Cold brew is really ideal for this kind of preparation, because it is already ready to use in the fridge. All you have to do is add the syrup of your choice and ice cubes and dilute it with the cold milk of your choice. As it is very concentrated, it does not lose flavor with the addition of milk.

Iced Latte:

Cold brew coffee:

500g ground coffee
2.5 l water (spring)

Put the coffee and then the water in a large jar.
Stir and let sit for about 24 hours.

Filter through a reusable coffee filter.

Book cool.

Iced latte, milk froth

Iced Latte:

Syrup of your choice (cane sugar or vanilla, caramel, chestnut…)
cold milk

Pour the syrup, then the coffee into a tall glass. It takes a small half glass.
Mix then add ice cubes.

Prepare the milk froth.
Pour over the ice cubes a little milk then some foam.

Drink immediately.

iced latte

To finish: we can obviously divide the quantity of coffee by two. Me, I like to make it for the week, and we are big coffee lovers.

I recently had the pleasure of receiving the milk frother Cremio de Melitta which is perfect for getting a nice lather. For a long time I used a small whisk bought for a few euros. It also works, although it is much less effective.
With the amount of milk, you can make 2 to 3 lattes.
You can choose the milk of your choice, but I admit that I have not yet tried with vegetable milks.

You can also make the latte without the milk froth. It is also very good. The mousse is the icing on the cake. In this case, simply add the cold milk of your choice.

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