house rocks

house rocks

How about making homemade chocolates for Easter? But not just any… Rocks, like those of the ambassador.

It’s a lot easier to do than it looks. And, it is not necessary to master the techniques of the chocolatier, nor to have a lot of material. Indeed, the realization of these rocks is very easy. I didn’t even temper my chocolate. And, I used products that are easily found in supermarkets. For the material, I took a cake pop mold that can also be found everywhere for a few euros.

The crispy shell is made of Gavottes and Pralinoise. The interior is filled with spread, and hides in the center a whole roasted hazelnut. Then, cover with milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Simple isn’t it?
Of course, it will take a little time and attention to detail, but the reward will come in the smiles and sighs of satisfaction from those lucky enough to bite into one of these chocolates. Inevitably, they are filled with love.

House rocks:

135 g Pralinoise
90 g of Gavottes
Spread (Nutella or other)
20 whole hazelnuts
150g milk chocolate
50g chopped hazelnuts

Melt the Pralinoise in 20 second increments in the microwave.
Add the Gavottes reduced to crumbs and mix.

Divide this mixture into the 40 half-sphere imprints.
Make a hollow in the center of each by packing with a rounded accessory. I used a small measuring spoon.
Chill in the fridge.

Making homemade rocks

Roast the hazelnuts for ten minutes at 170°C.
Rub them together to remove the skins.

Fill each shell with spread, and put a hazelnut in half. You don’t have to fill them too much.

Gently remove the shells from the mold and stick them together.

Ferrero rocks house

Melt the milk chocolate in the microwave in 20 second increments. Stop when it starts to melt and stir until everything is melted, about 2 minutes. If there are any pieces of chocolate left, return to the microwave for a few seconds and mix.
Add the remaining chopped hazelnuts with a knife.

Roll each shell in the chocolate, being careful that they do not open. Leave to harden on a baking sheet.
That’s it, it’s ready!

Homemade rocks for Easter

To finish: of course, if you are used to tempering chocolate, feel free to do so. My tips are here. It’s the Mycryo method that I prefer.

For molds, there are several sizes of cake pop’s mold. Here are the little ones.

For this recipe, I was largely inspired by that of Barley Sugar and Gingerbread

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