Hotteok, Korean pancakes with peanuts and cinnamon

Every year, it’s the same thing. We come out of the holidays to better attack the pancakes, then at home come the birthdays. And there you have it, Candlemas looming on the horizon without my having anticipated anything. However, I love pancakes in all forms. and believe me, I have one To Do List hell, especially with pancakes from all over the world.
I find that Candlemas is the perfect opportunity to test new recipes that you can make again throughout the year.

In my pretty list, there were some that had been tempting me for quite some time, the Hotteok. These thick Korean pancakes, with their runny peanut and cinnamon filling, seemed absolutely irresistible to me.
She made a perfect snack!

The ideal is to eat them immediately. The outside is crispy and the inside tender. This is delicious!


200 g of flour (T 45)
50g glutinous rice flour
80ml milk
65ml water
15g of sugar
1 tsp dehydrated baker’s yeast
50 g roasted and salted peanuts
70 g blond vergeoise
1 tsp cinnamon
1 pinch of fleur de sel

I use my Thermomix. It’s up to you to adapt to your usual way of doing things!

In the bowl, put the milk, water, sugar and yeast.
Heat to 37°C.

Add the flours and knead for 5 minutes.
Leave to rise in the closed bowl for about 1 hour.

Chop the peanuts.
Add the brown sugar, cinnamon and fleur de sel. To mix together.

Place the dough on a lightly floured work surface and divide it into 8 parts.
Roll out a first piece.
Garnish it with a generous tablespoon of sugar, then close the dough over it so as to have a ball.
Gently flatten this ball.
Do the same with the other pieces.

Pour a little oil into a frying pan.
Cook the pancakes several times on both sides. You can flatten them with a spatula.

Reserve on absorbent paper.
Eat immediately.

If there is any filling left, you can add a few drops of water and heat it slightly in the microwave to obtain a sauce.

To finish: glutinous rice flour is easily found in Asian grocery stores. You can also do without by replacing it with the same amount of wheat flour;

The vergeoise is also easily found in supermarkets. This brown sugar is very fine and therefore melts very easily.

You can also choose other fillings, such as nuts or even spread. You can also make savory hotteok with, for example, cheese…

For lighter pancakes, you could certainly cook them without oil, in the hot pan.

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