Hazelnut sweets in chocolate shells

The sweetness of a gianduja mousse, the softness of a small hazelnut cake and the crunch of a chocolate shell. These are the ingredients that make up these little hazelnut sweets.
Hmmm! I’m sure you’re already cracking…

The realization of this delicacy is really simpler than one might think at first sight.
Tasting it is a real pleasure with every spoonful.

The only difficulty of the recipe is the realization of the chocolate shells. It is essential to go through the tempering stage. By adopting all the right gestures (here), the tempering is ultimately not that complicated. And don’t forget that there is a magic ingredient, Mycryo. Once your chocolate is tempered, I advise you to prepare more shells than necessary for the realization of this recipe. They keep perfectly and allow you to improvise a superb dessert.
I am completely addicted to all the compositions that can be imagined from these shells.

Hazelnut sweets in chocolate shells:

Chocolate shells:

250 g of chocolate (Guayaquil 64%)
2.5g Mycryo

Melt the chocolate in the microwave, in 20 second increments.
Stir each time.

Let the temperature drop to 34/35°C, stirring regularly.
Then add the Mycryo. Mix well.
Let the temperature drop to 32°C.

Place the bowl in a large bain-marie also at 32°C.

Brush 20 mini silicone muffin cups. Demarle molds, very flexible, are perfect for this.
Refrigerate for a few minutes, then cover with a new layer of chocolate.
After a new passage in the fridge, cover with a third layer.
The layers must be thick enough so that the hulls are not too fragile, without either being too fragile.

Pour the rest of the chocolate on a sheet to be able to reuse it next time.

Leave to harden before gently unmolding them.
Store in a metal box.

Hazelnut sweets:

8 chocolate shells
100 g full cream
50g mascarpone
1 nice tbsp of spread (with gianduja à la Reine Astrid)
8 hazelnut cakes ( Ker Cadélac little bites)
1 tbsp hazelnuts

Roast the hazelnuts by putting them in the oven for 10 minutes at 180°C.

Whip the very cold cream and the mascarpone into whipped cream.
Add the spread and continue to whisk for 30 seconds.
Put the mousse in a piping bag.

Put a little mousse in the shells, then a cake and the rest of the mousse.

Decorate with chopped hazelnuts.

Refrigerate until serving time.

To finish: if you have questions about tempering chocolate, Mycryo… all the answers should be in this article (here).

If you don’t have a flexible enough silicone mold, you can also use plastic cups cut to size.

Gianduja spread to Queen Astrid is delicious. It consists only of gianduja, milk chocolate and cocoa powder. It was a very nice discovery. I also had to hide the pot to make this recipe, because my gourmands would have left me nothing.

Hazelnut cakes Ker Cadelac were in the Degustabox of May. I found them very good. You can also prepare financiers yourself (recipe here)
This last box was very nice. I also particularly liked the discovery of the raspberry-rose syrup Valdonne mill (it must be said that at the moment, I put flowers everywhere) and orange chocolate Golden Coast.

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