Greek Yogurt and Raspberry Popsicles

From the start of this big heat wave, I searched all my cupboards looking for what could be used to make ice cream. I have already spoken to you stick molds. They are practical, but nevertheless, not essential. Other small containers that you have at home are also perfect. This time I reused jars of Petits Suisses. Just stick a wooden stick in it and you’re done.

For the recipe, I simply chose Greek yogurt and crushed raspberries.
These lollipops can be prepared in no time and are really pleasant to taste in the middle of the afternoon.
Children will be delighted with this healthy and refreshing treat.

Greek Yogurt and Raspberry Popsicles:

Sugar Syrup:

100g blond sugar
100g of water.

Pour everything into a saucepan and bring to a boil to melt the sugar.
Let cool and store in a small bottle.


2 pots of Greek yogurt (Yoopa)
2 tbsp sugar syrup
some raspberries

Mix the yoghurts and the sugar syrup.
Coarsely crush the raspberries.

Divide into 4 Petits Suisse jars, alternating yogurt and raspberries.
Stick a stick in the middle and let it freeze.

To unmold them, just pass the jars lightly under water.

To finish: you may not have molds for Petits Suisses. In this case, use flexible moulds, like mini muffins.
If you don’t have ice cream sticks, you can use stiff straws, or large wooden skewers (being careful that children can’t hurt themselves with them)…

This recipe also works with Petits Suisses instead of Greek yogurts.

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