gold pucks

The Palets d’or were created at the end of the 19th century by B. Sérardy, in Moulins. These are fine, slightly bitter chocolates filled with a coffee-flavoured ganache. They owe their name to the gold spangles that decorate them. They were very popular and were widely copied.

The recipe that I propose to you is very close to the original one. It was given to me by a retired chocolatier who has been making it since a young age. Of course, the pucks of gold that we buy today are no longer the same as those of the time. The helping hand and the ingredients have evolved over the decades. For example, it was farmhouse cream that was then used. Preservation was more difficult than with the current cream.

This is actually a very simple recipe, suitable for small production. The ganache is very easy to make. Once cooled, it is simply poached and then dipped in tempered chocolate. To obtain pretty smooth and shiny pucks, just place them between two sheets of rhodoïd.

The final touch will be the gold leaf.
Treat yourself!

gold pucks:

200 g of chocolate (Guayaquil 64%)
2 tsp instant coffee
125 g full cream

In a mixing bowl, put the chocolate and the coffee.
Pour the hot cream over it and let it sit for a minute without touching it.
Stir vigorously to obtain a smooth ganache.

Leave to cool until the ganache is firm enough to work with a piping bag.
Whisk lightly to make it more flexible then place it in a pocket fitted with a smooth nozzle.
Pipe about 30 small heaps onto a baking sheet.
Cover with another sheet and slightly flatten the small heaps so as to obtain a puck.

Refrigerate while preparing the tempered chocolate.

Tempered chocolate:

250 g of chocolate (Guayaquil 64%)
2.5g cocoa butter

Melt the chocolate in 30 second increments in the microwave.
Stir each time and stop as soon as most of it is melted.
Continue to stir until you have a perfectly melted chocolate.

Bring the temperature down to 34/35°C.
Add the cocoa butter and mix.
Use as soon as the chocolate is at 32°C.

All tips for tempering chocolate are more extensively developed here.

Dip each layer of ganache in the tempered chocolate then tap on the edge of the bowl to remove the excess.
Place the chocolate on sheets of rhodoïd.
Immediately cover it with a square of rhodoïd cut beforehand. Press lightly for a smooth appearance.

Let the chocolates set then decorate with a small piece of gold leaf.

The golden palets will keep for about 2 weeks in a cool room.

To finish: rather than rhodoïd, it is also possible to use thick plastic pockets.

There is another way to make the ganache palets, more suitable for large quantities. Simply spread the ganache between two sheets and then flatten it with a rolling pin. We will then cut the pucks with a cookie cutter. The result will be more regular, but there will be falls.
If you plan to offer some around you, do not hesitate to double or even triple the quantities and to proceed as well.
Then use a bain-marie to keep the chocolate tempered at 32°C.

Spread the remaining tempered chocolate on a sheet to let it harden and put it back in the box for next use.

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