Goat cheese and avocado wraps

It’s not always easy to prepare meals for your children to eat outside. Of course, when it’s once in a while, a sandwich and a bag of crisps do the trick perfectly. But, when it’s more regular, you have to try to put a little balance in all that.
Since the start of the school year, my eldest daughter has joined a harmony. On Friday evening, she comes home from high school and heads off to music lessons and rehearsals. She only has time to take a small meal with her that will keep her going all evening. We used to prepare a vegetarian buddah bowl, depending on what was in the fridge. Too bad, it was winter and I didn’t take the time to take a picture of them, but some plates were really delicious.

And then, for some time, his brother also joined the orchestra. He too now goes on to classes and rehearsals as soon as he returns from college. Inevitably, he looked askance at the buddah bowl rich in vegetables and cereals. I had to find something else. They were then treated to several weeks of pasta salads, one with various vegetables and the other with meat. They got bored very quickly.
I then offered them to make wraps. Quick to make, and easily adaptable to everyone’s tastes, the wrap quickly became their favorite sandwich. It’s also easier to eat than a salad. And there, no weariness in sight, because each week, their wrap has different tastes.

My daughter’s favorite is the one with fresh goat cheese and avocado. This is also the base that comes up most often. For his brother, we keep the salad, and a few cubes of avocado and we add pieces of chicken or omelette strips or a little chorizo…
And now, everyone is satisfied.

Goat cheese and avocado wraps:

4 wraps
100g goat cheese (fresh)
liquid cream
1 avocado
salt pepper
chilli sauce

Crush the goat cheese and add a few spoonfuls of liquid cream to it until it has a soft and easily spreadable consistency.

Spread the 4 loaves with this mixture, going to the edge.

Arrange the arugula on one side.
Place lemon avocado slices on top.
Add chilli sauce according to your taste.

Roll up the wraps and wrap them.

To finish: the goat cheese helps to “stick” the wrap.

I buy my goat cheese at the market. It comes in the form of a log, and is not at all dry.

For the breads, I tested several types. Tortillas are not ideal. I prefer the wraps soft and seedy.

And you, what do you prepare for your children when they eat out?

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