Gnocchi gratin with Saint-Nectaire, mushrooms and spinach

Gnocchi gratin with Saint-Nectaire, mushrooms and spinach

I really like Auvergne cheeses. And I know you love them as much as I do. I would certainly have a hard time saying which one I prefer. They all have their particularity that makes them irresistible. But, if there is one that I really like to cook with all the sauces, it is Saint-Nectaire. So when Paul Dischampcheese maker and refiner from Auvergnat, offered to cook their Dairy Saint-Nectaire AOP Le Paillon, I was more than happy. It’s a cheese that I didn’t know, and that I really liked. I confess that I like the sweetness of a dairy Saint-Nectaire. This one, ripened on rye straw for 5 weeks, is particularly tasty. It is a cheese that will seduce everyone. And in addition, I found it very pleasant to cook. It melts wonderfully well.

If you are not used to cooking Saint-Nectaire, I encourage you to find out. It is a cheese that is very easy to cook. And the result is always very tasty.

I wanted to prepare a family dish. So I chose my new favorite product, gnocchi. A treat when gratinated. How I regret not having tested these gnocchi much earlier. I’ve missed out on so many tasty dishes. This time, they come with button mushrooms and spinach. They are baked in an excellent Saint-Nectaire sauce. This is delicious ! If I listened to myself, I would do it again for tonight.

To prepare the sauce, it is very simple. Basically, it’s the bechamel recipe. But, I’m not too attracted by the milky side of a classic béchamel associated with cheese. I much prefer to replace the milk with a vegetable broth and add a little cream. Believe me, well, it’s very tasty. And that gives way to cheese.
Once the gratin was in the dish, I couldn’t resist adding a few more slices of cheese on top. They melt and brown when cooked.
Haha, we agree, there is never too much cheese.

Gnocchi gratin with Saint-Nectaire, mushrooms and spinach:

300 g button mushrooms
2 cloves garlic
60g butter
70g flour
750ml vegetable stock
150g of Saint-Nectaire Le Paillon
2 tbsp heavy cream
150g spinach
500g potato gnocchi
salt pepper
100 to 150 g of additional Saint-Nectaire to put on top

Clean and cut the mushrooms into slices.
Cook them in a sauté pan with a little oil over high heat. At the end of cooking, add the grated garlic and season.
Reserve on a plate.

In the same skillet, melt the butter.
Off the heat, add the flour and mix.
Add the vegetable broth little by little, while stirring to avoid lumps. Season.
Return to the heat and thicken, stirring constantly.

Gnocchi gratin with Saint-Nectaire, mushrooms and spinach

Add the cheese in large chunks after removing the skin.

Stir until well melted.

Add the mushrooms then the cream. To mix together.

Add the washed and stemmed spinach. Mix and let “melt” for a few moments.

Reserve off the heat.

Preheat the oven to 190°C.

Heat a pot of salted water.
Cook the gnocchi. They are ready as soon as they come to the surface. It barely takes 1 minute.
Drain them and add them to the sauce. To mix together.

Pour everything into a casserole dish.
Cover with slices of Saint-Nectaire.

Bake for about 15/20 minutes.

Serve immediately without forgetting bread for sauce.

Gnocchi gratin with Saint-Nectaire, mushrooms and spinach

Finally: this dish is vegetarian. We could completely replace the vegetable broth with a chicken broth. Or even add a few pieces of chicken breast.

The gnocchi that I use for this recipe are of course purchased ready-made.
Do not take those to fry.

If you really don’t like spinach – which is a shame because it’s really excellent – you can use broccoli tops lightly pre-cooked in a pan of salted water.

This dish is good for 5 to 6 people. It all depends of course on the appetite of each.
Leftovers reheat very well and are just as good.

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