Gnocchi au gratin, tomato and chorizo ​​sauce

Gnocchi au gratin, tomato and chorizo ​​sauce

In the world of gnocchi, there are those that are homemade and those that are bought ready-made. There is no resemblance between the two. The former require a certain amount of preparation time, are delicate and are almost self-sufficient. The latter are extremely quick to prepare and also delicious when prepared well. With a nice sauce and even better, with cheese… Yum, yum!
Gratinated in the oven, it’s a treat.

This dish will seduce everyone. It’s the comforting family dish we need.
The tomato sauce is flavored with onion, red pepper, garlic and thyme. To go faster, and also to obtain a creamy and very tasty sauce, I mix everything. We then brown the whole thing with the chorizo ​​and add the tomato. While the sauce is slowly simmering, cook the gnocchi in a large pot of water. One minute of cooking is enough. There you go, we mix everything, cover with mozzarella and all that remains is to brown in the oven before enjoying. You tell me the news.

For this kind of dish, I use my cast iron skillet, which is very practical to go directly from the heat to the oven. She has no brand, poor thing, cost me next to nothing, but she does her job perfectly. I’ve had it for years and I use it for a lot of preparations.
Without, it will suffice to transfer to a dish that goes into the oven. It’s just a little more washing up.

Gnocchi au gratin, tomato sauce and chorizo:

1 onion
1 red pepper
2 clove of garlic
fresh thyme
100 g chorizo ​​(strong)
1 can crushed tomato
vegetables soup
500g gnocchi
100 g grated mozzarella
salt pepper
olive oil

Mix the onion, pepper and garlic.
Pour this mixture into the pan with a little oil and fry for a few minutes.

Cut the chorizo ​​into pieces.
Add them to the mixture and continue to sauté for a few minutes while stirring.
Add the fresh thyme.

Add the can of tomatoes.
Use the box to measure the same volume of broth. Add it.
Season and simmer over medium low heat for about 10/15 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Heat a pot of salted water.
Add the gnocchi and cook according to package directions. Normally, it takes 1 minute for them to come to the surface.
Collect them as you go to add them to the sauce.
Stir and cover with grated cheese.

Bake for 15/20 minutes. The cheese should be melted and golden.

Gnocchi au gratin, tomato and chorizo ​​sauce

To finish: the gnocchi to buy are traditional, especially not those to fry. Choose vouchers.

Choose the chorizo ​​you like. For a vegetarian version, just remove it.

Instead of thyme, you can choose other herbs like oregano or basil.

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