Glazed log with chestnuts and candied oranges

Some may find that I start very early with Christmas recipes. But on the other hand many of you have already started thinking about your log.
And then, yesterday, I missed the dessert I wanted to share with you today, which made me rummage through my recipes awaiting publication… And I came across this very festive frozen log recipe .

I had prepared this dessert in the middle of July. In fact, shortly before we left on vacation, I had a problem with my freezer and all its contents were thawed. Of course, I did my best to cook as many products as possible. And among them was a large leftover chestnut paste that I had bought last year. With it, I had prepared two logs, but on the 1 kilo pot, there were quite a few left.
An ice cream was the right idea to use up my chestnut paste in the heart of summer. In addition, it could be kept until our return. I’m not even telling you how happy we were to find her!

To give a festive look to my ice cream, I added pieces of candied oranges and meringue.
It is a very good dessert, which will finish a festive meal wonderfully. It’s also very simple to make and you can organize in advance so that the dessert is ready for D-Day without stress.

Chestnut paste has a much firmer consistency than chestnut purée and is a little less sweet. It is perfect for making desserts and pastries. It can be found in professional stores. You must have one near you that also sells to individuals. Do not hesitate to go there. The one kilo jar costs around ten euros. With this you can make many festive desserts including the famous Mont-Blanc.

Glazed log with chestnuts and candied oranges:

125g sugar
50ml water
5 egg yolks
150g chestnut paste
1 tablespoon Grand Marnier
20 cl of full liquid cream
3 to 4 slices of candied oranges

Heat the sugar and water to 110°C.

Pour this mixture over the egg yolks while whisking.
Continue whisking at high speed for about 5 minutes until the mixture is frothy.

Give a whip to the chestnut paste to loosen it then add it to the first preparation. Whisk to incorporate well.
Add Grand Marnier.

Whip the very cold cream into whipped cream, then gently fold it in.

Add the candied oranges cut into pieces. To mix together.
Pour into a silicone cake mould.
Crumble the meringues on top.

Reserve at least one night in the freezer.
Consume right out of the freezer.

To finish: instead of candied oranges, you can use candied clementines or other fruits… And why not candied chestnuts? Then flavor with rum.

If you have a nice silicone log mold, use that. It will be even better!

In Montluçon, I bought my chestnut paste here. They didn’t have it in store, but ordered it for me with no problem.

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