Gingerbread spice mix

Recently, I have had the pleasure of co-hosting, every Saturday morning, a gourmet column “To your forks” on RJFM, Montluçonnaise radio station. It’s a great experience that I’m going to relay here.
Thus, our listeners will be able to find the recipes that we present quickly and discover the blog. And you, you will have a little different article and the opportunity to discover or rediscover recipes and tips.

Christmas period requires, I chose to talk about gingerbread. There are many, many recipes and ways to do it. Normally, since it is a bread, there is no butter or egg. Afterwards, we are greedy and the gingerbread that we appreciate is a little more (or even much more!) greedy than that.

But above all, you need spices!
Most of the time, I buy ready mixes. More and more, I like to do my own experiments. Green anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, star anise, cardamom, tonka bean, peppers… The combinations are endless and can be adapted to everyone’s tastes. I have already tasted artisanal gingerbread made only with powdered green anise which is normally very easily found, even in pharmacies. It can hardly be simpler and it is very good.

Personally, I love cinnamon and suddenly, I like to find it in the flavors of my gingerbread. For the aniseed note, I choose star anise which I associate with cardamom. I spice it all up with a bit of cloves. And finally, I love the spiciness of ginger. This time I ran out and chose to replace it with something a little more unexpected.
I like the result very much.

Gingerbread spice mix:

15g Ceylon cinnamon
3g star anise
5g cardamom
10 cloves
1 tsp powdered yuzu

Mix the spices until you get a fine powder. Cinnamon and cardamom are easily found already in powder form.
For even more flavors, it is possible to pass the spices lightly in the pan to roast them before mixing them.

Store your spices in a small jar.
You can use it to flavor your cookies but also a hot chocolate.
It will be a nice gourmet gift.

Adapt the choice of spices to your tastes and desires of the moment!

Once the spices are ready, all that remains is to start making the gingerbread that will brighten up the Christmas holidays. I have been looking for a long time for a basic recipe, easy to make and pleasant to taste. I ended up finding MY recipe, the one of my dreams.
This one seduces for sure and many of you love it.

The gingerbread of my dreams

This recipe is perfect as well, but it can also serve as a starting point for other gourmet versions.

So, I imagined a gingerbread with candied oranges, this time using rye and chestnut flour. Delicious!

Gingerbread with candied oranges, rye flour and chestnut

Recently, I tasted Christophe Felder’s gingerbread. Very rich in flavors, thanks to the addition of citrus marmalades, this gingerbread is irresistible.
It is to be discovered absolutely.

Gingerbread from Christophe Felder

Gingerbread keeps very well under film. It even gains in flavor over the days.
However, you may still have a piece of it. I suggest you make it with a very original and succulent recipe for carrot rillettes.

Carrot rillettes with gingerbread

To finish: with the gingerbread leftovers, I have a few other recipes in mind, which I will try to publish on occasion.

I’ll give you an appointment next Friday for a next column…

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