Frozen yogurt, blueberry confit and crumble

Frozen yogurt, blueberry confit and crumble

One of my summer treats is frozen yogurt. I think it’s worth all the ice cream in the world. Especially since we always taste this ice cream with lots of toppings that add a maximum of gluttony.

Everyone can choose their favorite accompaniments. Some will add candies or chocolate bars. Personally, I prefer fresh fruit or coulis. At the moment, I have a predilection for blueberry confit. I love that ! I add a crispy crumble.
One can imagine all sorts of other accompaniments. I also recommend a lemon curd instead of blueberry confit. It is magic !

Of course, I like to make my frozen yogurt myself. There is nothing simpler to do when you have an ice cream maker. For a long time, I used a machine with a tray to put in the freezer. It’s good, but it’s impractical. Recently, I had the pleasure of having a professional ice cream maker. And frankly, that changes everything! This ice cream maker is ideal for the quick preparation of ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurts and semi-frozen desserts with the simplest use. Just plug it in and it generates the cold itself. It only takes about 30 minutes to get an ice cream ready at the tasting. From a c1.4 liter capacity, perfect for home use. Making homemade ice cream, whose ingredients are mastered, is child’s play.

I think there’s nothing better than an ice cream you made just before eating it. The fondant, especially with the frozen yogurt, is completely incredible. For that, once my ice cream is ready, I put it in the freezer and I try to eat it within an hour. It is like the ones you can find in stores. By keeping it longer, it will be firmer, and it can then be served in the form of balls. Pleasure always guaranteed!

Which yogurt to choose? We could say the fattest possible, the one that contains the least water, ie a Greek yogurt. Personally, I prefer so-called Greek yogurt, much less drained. A stirred yogurt will also be fine. You can also try with sheep’s milk or goat cheese to vary the flavors.

Frozen yogurt, blueberry confit and crumble:

300g blueberries

60g of sugar
80g flour
45g sugar
50g ground almonds
45g butter
300 g Greek yoghurt or brewed
120g cream whole liquid
50g sugar

Start by preparing the blueberry confit and the crumble, which need to cool.

For the confit, mix the blueberries and the 60 g of sugar in a saucepan.
Place over low heat and stir regularly. When the sugar has melted and the blueberries are starting to burst, turn up the heat and bring to a boil.
Let cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Let cool completely. Book cool.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

In a salad bowl, put the flour, 45 g of sugar, the ground almonds and the cold butter in pieces.
Incorporate the ingredients with your fingertips. There must be big chunks.

Spread on a baking sheet.

Brown for about 15 minutes. Stir halfway through cooking.
Leave to cool and store in a metal box.

Frozen yogurt, blueberry confit and crumble
For the frozen yogurt, mix the yogurt and the remaining sugar.
Whip the cold cream into whipped cream. It doesn’t have to be very firm, just a little stiff.
Pour the preparation into the bowl of the ice cream maker.
Start, and let churn for about 30 minutes.
After this time, set aside in the freezer.
Frozen yogurt, blueberry coulis and crumble

To serve, put the cold blueberry confit in the bottom of glasses, then the frozen yogurt, and add a few fresh blueberries and crumble.

It’s up to you to imagine all the accompaniments you like. The choices are endless.
Good tasting.

Frozen yogurt, blueberry coulis and crumble

To finish: to give the same poached aspect of the shops, I found a great trick. I use my churros pan. Yes, I have some twisted ideas sometimes, but it works great. I place it at
freezer in advance so that it is really cold, and you just have to
to transfer ice cream when serving. I imagine a piping bag works great too.

I received this professional ice cream maker from Matériaux CHR Pro, which is an online sales site for equipment for professionals in the catering, hotel and catering industries. The equipment is selected by a team of professionals from the catering industry. The objective is to provide a wide range of catering equipment and kitchen equipment of the best quality for professionals in the catering sector but also for cooking enthusiasts.

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