Fried rice with kimchi; kimchi bokkeumbap

Fried rice with kimchi;  kimchi bokkeumbap

In 2017, I ended my article on how to make homemade kimchi by saying that I was going to quickly share my kimchi fried rice recipe. Recently, a reader told me that she couldn’t find it on the blog. And for good reason, I never published it.

But, here it is finally!

It’s a recipe that I love, and I regularly make kimchi so I can eat it. It’s really the ideal recipe for a lazy day, a quick dinner, or just a desire to feast. I also try to have a jar of bought kimchi in my closet, for when I haven’t made any. This is the one I use today. Making kimchi is really very easy. And he is much better. As I am not necessarily very comfortable with lacto fermentation and the conservation of these preparations, I make small quantities and keep them in the fridge..

Once the kimchi is made or purchased, preparing the fried rice is a snap. Especially if you have leftover cooked rice. Just saute onion and garlic, add kimchi and rice. I accompany this delicious rice with a fried egg, fresh onion and sesame seeds.
I hope to make you want to discover or rediscover this dish. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Fried rice with kimchi; kimchi bokkeumbap:

1 fresh onion
2 cloves garlic
250g kimchi (recipe here)
300 g cold cooked Thai rice
4 eggs
sesame (black or golden)

Cut the white part finely. Keep green for service.
Grate the garlic.

Fry in a little oil.
Add the garlic, then the kimchi. Return for a few moments.
Add the rice and mix.
Fry for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the eggs.
Put a little oil in a non-stick pan.
Carefully crack the eggs and cook them over medium heat. They are ready when the white is set.

Serve fried rice and eggs.
Add some green onion and some sesame seeds.
Eat immediately.

Fried rice with kimchi;  kimchi bokkeumbap

To finish: you can add carrots cut into sticks or even pieces of pork belly or bacon bits. It is an easy dish to adapt to your desires.

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