Fried potatoes like a raclette

To warm up, nothing better than a raclette!
Yes, but here it is, I really wanted a raclette, but I also wanted something different. I wanted my baby potatoes to be very present. I wanted them golden and crispy… And then, I was too lazy to get out the raclette grill.

I imagined the cheese melting on my little golden potatoes. And also some bacon and fresh onion…
I finally put this pan-fried potato dish on the table like a raclette.

Will I really surprise you by telling you that it was very good. A perfect lunch, to share with the family, while leaving the cold and the rain outside.

Fried potatoes like a raclette:

1 kg baby potatoes
150g raclette cheese (Brezain)
100g smoked bacon
1 spring onion
salt pepper
2 tbsp oil
15g butter

Wash the potatoes well. it is not necessary to remove the skin.
Cut them in half.

In an ovenproof skillet, melt the butter in the oil.
Add the potatoes and let them cook and brown over medium low heat for about 30 minutes. Stir very regularly.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

When the potatoes are ready, season.
Cover with slices of cheese and put in the oven for 5/10 minutes, until the cheese is well melted.

Meanwhile, brown the bacon bits in a small skillet.

Remove from the oven, add the bacon bits and the finely chopped spring onion.
Enjoy immediately.

To finish: I used Brézain, a cheese from Haute-Savoie which has the particularity of being smoked. Choose the cheese you like.

My skillet is cast iron. I tell you about it regularly because I love it. It is perfect for this kind of dish. But, it lends itself to a multitude of uses both savory and sweet.
It helps me especially for pizza, cookies or magpies

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