Frédéric Bau’s excellent chocolate cake

Frédéric Bau's classic chocolate cake

There are recipes that are obvious. We come across them in a book, an Instagram post… and we immediately know that we are going to do them as quickly as possible.
I was leafing through Frédéric Bau’s latest book, Simply chocolate and I absolutely fell in love with the recipe for a chocolate cake. I’ll give you the description of it: “Coming straight from Japan, this biscuit has become an icon of Japanese pastry chefs. With us, this “soft” or “soft chocolate” has not yet found the place it deserves… And if it it was up to you to make this surprising dessert known? “

No, but how do you expect me to resist these few lines? Especially since they are accompanied by a terribly appetizing photo. I wondered then that it could be the particularity of this cake. No surprising ingredients or spectacular technical processes in sight. And always this irresistible desire to devour it.
Come on, all that’s left to do is do it. Already, I confirm to you that there is nothing simpler to do. Passage in the oven, and finally, it is cold, ready to be unmolded.

The result is identical to that of the photo. A nice crust covers it. I’m in agony taking the photos, but I still resist the temptation.
And finally, snack time! Ah yes, now I understand what is special about it. The texture is somewhere between fondant and fluffy. It’s delicate, it’s chocolaty, it’s absolutely perfect!
To be repeated very often…

So, tempted?

Frédéric Bau’s excellent chocolate cake:

135g dark chocolate (70%)
150 g full cream
40g hazelnut oil
50 +60g sugar
65 g egg yolks (3 or 4)
110g egg whites (4)
35 g of flour (T55)

Preheat the oven to 160°C.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 20 second increments.
Heat the cream, still in the microwave. Pour the latter over the chocolate in several times while stirring vigorously.
Add the hazelnut oil, the egg yolks, then 50 g of sugar.

Beating egg whites. When the whip begins to leave traces, gradually add the 60 g of sugar.
Add 1/3 of egg whites to the chocolate preparation.
Sift the flour and mix.
Add the rest of the egg whites and mix gently.

Frédéric Bau's excellent chocolate cake

Pour into a greased 22cm circle and bake for about 30 minutes.
Allow to cool before gently unmolding. The crust makes it fragile, proceed delicately.

Serve at room temperature. Frédéric Beau accompanies it with a saffron custard.

Piece of chocolate cake from Frédéric Bau

To finish: this cake is fragile. I made it in a silicone mold. Usually, I unmold my cakes by making them go on a plate and back on the serving platter. If I had done that, there would have been no crust. My mold being in flexible silicone, I put it on a small tray to be able to clear the edges. It is quite possible and achievable since I did it.
But, I advise you to use a circle instead.

Hazelnut oil can be replaced by another, neutral one.

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