For Mardi gras, churros and chocolate sauce

Churros are a little pleasure that we like to have from time to time. I thought it would be good if, as Mardi Gras approached, I tried to make some at home. So I took advantage of the end of sales to put a churros machine in my shopping cart.
For the recipe, I simply followed the one that is proposed in the box.

The device, despite its tiny price, is perfect and I was able to make churros very easily.

To accompany these churros, I had a delicious chocolate sauce, prepared initially to accompany homemade vanilla ice cream and make profiteroles. This sauce turned out to be excellent and of a perfect consistency,

Churros and chocolate sauce:

Chocolate sauce:

50g milk
50g water
10g of sugar
15g butter
1 small pinch of fleur de sel
100g chocolate (70%)

In a saucepan, bring the milk, water, sugar, butter and salt to a boil.
Pour this boiling mixture over the coarsely chopped chocolate.
Let stand for 1 minute. To mix together.

Let cool to room temperature.

This sauce can be kept refrigerated for a few days. It will be enough to pass it a few seconds in the microwave to liquefy it slightly.


1 glass of water
1 tbsp sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 glass of flour
1 to 2 tsp orange blossom water

Bring the water, sugar and salt to a boil.

Off the heat, add the flour. Mix vigorously.
Add orange blossom water. To mix together.

Leave to cool, then place this paste in the churros maker with the medium-sized churros nozzle (or a pocket fitted with a fluted tip).

Heat a bath of frying oil.

When the oil is hot, drop the dough directly into it and cut it with scissors.
Leave to brown then set aside on absorbent paper.

Serve with chocolate sauce.

To finish: my glass was medium, which allowed me to make churros for 3. With a large glass, it will take 2 tbsp of sugar and a little more orange blossom.

Now all I have to do is test the savory churros…

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