Foie gras with Voatsipériféry pepper, microwave cooking

Microwaved foie gras was my holiday favorite last year.
This way of doing things may seem absurd, even inappropriate for a product as noble as foie gras. However, it was Thierry Marx himself who made this cooking popular. It is enough to test once to be convinced that cooking in the microwave is absolutely brilliant. There is no other method so simple and fast. As for the taste, it is just perfect.
I’ve tested a lot of cooking before this one, but it’s really the one I prefer.

To flavor my foie gras, I chose my favorite pepper, that of Voatsipériféry. It is a rare pepper that is being talked about more and more. It must be said that its taste is wonderful. No strength or spiciness with it, but sweetness and an incomparable fragrance that goes perfectly with sweetness.
It is perfect with foie gras and gives it a precious and original touch.

Foie gras with Voatsipériféry pepper, microwave cooking:

1 fresh foie gras of 500 g
7g salt
1 tbsp armagnac
1 tsp Voatsipériféry pepper

Devein the foie gras, if not done. It doesn’t matter if you break it a little bit.

Put the liver in a small microwave-safe dish.
Season it with salt and lightly crushed pepper.
Drizzle it with Armagnac.
Film and leave to marinate for 1 hour at room temperature.

Cook the foie gras in the microwave.
The cooking time will depend on the power of it. For me it’s about 1 minute 50-800W. To make sure you get the right doneness, start by cooking for 1 minute, then continue in 20-30 second increments.
The foie gras is cooked when it is at 40°C at the core.

Filter the fat.

Arrange the foie gras in a small silicone mold or a small lined terrine.
Pack well.
Cover with fat.
Film and possibly put a little weight on it.

Leave to rest for 24 to 48 hours in a cool place.

Serve on a toast of toasted bread and optionally some Himalayan salt and a chutney.

To finish: for a good result, always choose a very good foie gras.
Similarly, for sandwich bread, it is always best bought from the baker.

You can flavor your foie gras as you wish. Rather than Voatsipériféry pepper, you can choose Espelette pepper or use 1/2 tsp of crushed black pepper and the spices of your choice.

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