Foie gras club sandwiches

The moment of the aperitif is, in my opinion, the most important moment of a festive meal, on a par with the dessert of course.
It’s also what I like to prepare the most.
For this Christmas, I intend to bet on the club sandwich. These little things are timeless and please every time. For festive club sandwiches, I made them with foie gras, fig chutney and duck breast.
You will love!

For the occasion, I used the delicious products Rougie. Good products, that’s for sure, that makes all the difference.

Foie gras club sandwiches:

12 slices of bread (wholemeal)
90g of Foie Gras Semi-Preserved
fig confit

16 slices of dried duck breast

Flatten the slices of bread and pass them through the toaster.
Remove the crust, making sure they are all the same size.

Spread 4 slices of bread with the foie gras.
Put a little fig confit in the center of each side.
Cover with 2 slices of bread and cut diagonally.

Now, lift each slice from above, and garnish with a slice of duck breast and a few leaves of arugula.
Put the bread back on it, and hold everything together with a pretty spade.

Serve quickly, so that the bread stays crispy.

To finish: it is of course possible to garnish everything before cutting. But, by doing so, we cut the arugula and sometimes the duck breast cleanly. I find that small leaves that exceed, it’s much prettier.

With these quantities you will have 16 medium-sized club sandwiches. We could quite imagine them smaller and cut each one in half.

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