Fall Fig Smoothie with FoodSaver ~Giveaway~

I’m really happy to talk to you about the food saver in this new article, especially today, national day of fight against food waste. With the FoodSaver vacuum sealer, food can be stored up to 5 times longer, compared to traditional methods. By removing the air and humidity, optimal preservation is obtained both in the cupboards, in the fridge or in the freezer. Thus, we reduce waste and save money on a daily basis.

I am all the more happy to do this article, that I will allow one of you to win your FoodSaver.
I tell you all about the terms of participation at the end of this article.

I was happy to discover the FoodSaver FFS005X. It comes with a set of bags and a box that allows you to keep cookies, for example.

Thanks to its function pulse and at independent sealingfragile foods such as fruit are preserved.

It is this function that I used in my recipe of the day… or rather my recipe for the next few months.
The season for fall fruits like figs is always too short. I so wish we could enjoy it longer. I always imagine lots of recipes, and in the end I never make enough. By keeping the fruit in the freezer and thanks to the optimal preservation of the FoodSaver’s vacuum, I will be able to eat figs during the winter. I’m already salivating thinking of a tarte tatin.
With Foodsaver, no more throwing away leftovers, you can now eat them vacuum-packed up to 5 times longer and in addition to allowing zero waste, this Foodsaver machine will give me the opportunity to eat good autumn fruits all year long. year !

Since this summer, I have also made a good resolution… That of starting my day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. I started by consuming more fruit. And for that, I obviously turned to smoothies. It was great to enjoy them on the terrace, with the family!
And there was the comeback. Everyone went their own way, the summer fruits disappeared and my motivation with it.

Then, I tested “the smoothie pack”. Just put the fruits you like in small individual bags in the freezer to be able to enjoy a delicious smoothie every day, in a few minutes. Thanks to the function pulse of the FoodSaver, I can vacuum-pack my fruits directly, without having to pre-freeze them. I know they will remain perfect for many months, without frosting or burning.
And to me the smoothies all winter long!

I took advantage of an offer to buy a small case of figs and was able to make a number of small sachets for individual smoothies. I added white grapes and banana.
Making a smoothie becomes child’s play. Just put the still frozen fruit in the blender and add whatever you like. Me, at the moment I am very almond milk. I think it brings a nice little taste to this smoothie. You can also add other milks, or the yogurt you like. For a little sweet note, I also add a little honey.

Fall Fig Smoothie with Foodsaver:

For a sachet and a smoothie:

2 small figs
10 white grapes
1/2 banana

Cut the figs and the banana and put them side by side in a small bag with the grapes.

Vacuum using the function pulsethen seal the bag.
Store in the freezer.

Take the bag out of the freezer and pour the frozen fruit into a blender, breaking them apart. I used the Oster classic blender.
Add a glass of almond milk and a teaspoon of honey.

It’s really very convenient and delicious!

With a few seasonal fruits, you can make many different flavors. Every morning, you can vary the pleasures:

figs, grapes and apples
figs and plums
plums and apples…

You can add oatmeal or dried fruit to your smoothie.
You can use yoghurts, cow’s milk or other vegetable milks.
You can sweeten with agave syrup or even a drizzle of maple syrup.
You can also add spices, such as cinnamon.

Finally: and now, the contest!

As I told you at the beginning of the article, I am delighted to allow one of you to win the FoodSaver FFS005X.
It’s really a nice gift that will change your storage habits.

It’s certain Facebook what happens (here)
It’s very simple, just follow the FoodSaver page and my page Classy, ​​Classy, ​​Chocolate and invite 2 people to participate.

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