Endive and ham gratin

Endive and ham gratin

Endives with ham is one of my “cuddly” dishes this season. It’s a classic that you never get tired of. My recipe is the same as the one I ate as a child. I changed nothing. I just replace the Emmentaler that I don’t really like with other more melting cheeses, like mature cheddar, or even mozzarella.

I’m sure many of you are already making this recipe. But sometimes it’s good to come back to these timeless recipes. We sometimes forget them. Maybe some don’t know. If you like endives, you can only enjoy this dish. It’s very simple to do. You can easily integrate it into the menus of the week. In addition, these endives reheat very well.

You must already cook the endives. I use the Cookéo for that. It’s the same as a pressure cooker. Thus, we have a fast steam cooking. They can also be cooked in the microwave. It’s even faster. I prefer to avoid cooking in a pan of water.

I like to roll the endives in smoked ham, which adds a little extra taste. In the vegetarian version, you just have to skip the ham and possibly be a little more generous with the cheese.

The treat!

Endive and ham gratin:

4 good endives
4 small slices of ham (smoked)
30g butter
50g flour
400ml milk
salt pepper
mature cheddar (or other cheese)

Cook the endives. I don’t remove the stalk before cooking, because otherwise they tend to flake off.

In the Cookéo, put 200 ml of water in the bowl, then the endives in the steam basket.
Cook for 15 minutes under pressure.
In the microwave, put them in a glass dish covered with a plate with a little water. Cook them for about 8 minutes.
Let the endives cool down by putting them upside down. Thus, the water they contain will flow.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Meanwhile, prepare the béchamel.
Melt the butter, then add the flour. Mix well.
Add the cold milk little by little while mixing. Season.
Thicken without ceasing to stir.

Spread a little béchamel on the bottom of the dish.
Remove the stems from the endives, then roll them in the ham.
Arrange them in the dish and cover them with the remaining sauce.

Grate cheese to your liking on top.

Cook for about 20 minutes. The top should be golden.

Eat hot.

Endive and ham gratin

To finish: This dish is for 4 people. If there are big eaters, or if you want to have leftovers to reheat the next day, feel free to increase the quantities.

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