Cucumber Lassi

Cucumber Lassi

In the summer, I love to prepare cold soups. there are quite a few here. Most Spanish-inspired, such as salmorejo, gazpacho and ajo blanco.
This year, I want to take you to India, with the lassi. This drink is great. It only takes 2 minutes to prepare it and it is available according to all our desires. By the way, today I’m talking about salty lassi, but of course it’s quite possible to turn this drink into a sweet one. But, we’ll talk about that another time.
For now, it’s a drink that you can serve as a starter that I’m offering. It’s fresh, it’s light, it’s all we like when the temperatures rise.

The lassi consists of yogurt. It is possible to mix yogurt and ice water in order to have a liquid texture. I prefer to use fermented milk. As I almost always have some in my fridge, I can always improvise a small “soup” express.
All you have to do is mix this fermented milk, a small cucumber, a few mint leaves and a clove of garlic. A little seasoning and voila, it’s ready.

Cucumber lassi:

1 cucumber (300g)
300ml fermented milk
1 small clove of garlic
A few mint leaves
salt pepper

In the mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. Personally, I don’t peel the cucumber, but you can.
Blend until smooth.

To serve right away, you can add a few ice cubes. Otherwise, keep cool.

Cucumber Lassi

To finish: you can also make a very good lassi with avocado, coriander and a little lime. With just garlic, coriander and cumin seeds it’s even easier and also very pleasant. A small green pepper not too hot can also be nice as a replacement or with the garlic.
As I said, we can consider many variants.

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