Crozets with Brussels sprouts and smoked sausages

Crozets with Brussels sprouts and smoked sausages, one pot pasta style

Spring is here, but for vegetables, we are still a bit in the winter season. I am looking forward to the green asparagus, certainly my favorite vegetable.

So Brussels sprouts went with my Wednesday pasta dish. Besides, for these, I chose buckwheat crozets. I love these little pies. They are perfect for cooking one pot style. It’s so convenient to cook everything in one pan. Brussels sprouts, despite what some would have us believe, are a delicious vegetable. We must forget about canteen cabbage, frozen, boiled and not very appetizing. Who can like that?

Here it is cooked completely differently. It is fresh, fried and therefore remains a little firm, just enough. And it is enriched with the flavors of smoked sausage. The taste is completely different from what you remember. So, of course, not everyone is going to start liking this little cabbage. But, I’m sure I can convince a few of them.
And then, fortunately, there are those who love Brussels sprouts. This dish of Crozets, prepared in no time, will seduce you, I have no doubt.

Crozets with Brussels sprouts and smoked sausages:

300g Bruzelle sprouts
2 smoked sausages
250 g of buckwheat crozets
1 liter of vegetable broth
salt pepper
olive oil

Remove the top leaves from the Brussels sprouts and cut them in half.
Heat a little oil and add the cabbage. Brown them over high heat for 3/4 minutes.
Add the sliced ​​sausages and continue to cook for about 3 minutes.

Remove the sprouts and lightly browned sausages from the pan. To book.

If necessary, add a little oil in the same pan, and pour in the crozets.
Let simmer for 1 minute while stirring.
Then add the hot broth. Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
4 minutes before the end of cooking, add the cabbage and reserved sausages. To mix together.

Serve immediately.

Buckwheat crozets with Brussels sprouts and smoked sausages

To finish: if really, there is no way with Brussels sprouts, the solution remains to wait for the green asparagus and to cook this dish with them.

I had smoked sausages left over after making a rougail (recipe here). I boiled them for 5 minutes before using them. The smoked sausages that we usually find are already pre-cooked.

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