Crisps with puffed rice, chocolate and praline

Crisps with puffed rice, chocolate and praline
Terribly good crispy puffed rice. Hummm!
The recipe of the day is “gourmet, crunchy”. You will love ! Especially since they are really quite simple to make.
This recipe is certainly not the novelty of the year. It’s been around for a very long time, but more like sand roses, with corn flakes. Anyway, that’s what I knew. I had to buy a huge packet of coconut pops to decide to taste it with puffed rice. And I prefer to tell you, I barely started the package, so there may be other recipes to come.
I was afraid, who knows why, that the puffed rice would quickly lose its crispness. But not at all. This recipe is perfect and will appeal to young and old.
I had leftover almond praline to use. I encourage you to do it yourself. Really, it’s not complicated. The hazelnut praline recipe is here. Just replace the hazelnuts with almonds or another nut.
For the visual, I was inspired by Deborah, who loves puffed rice delicacies. I can’t advise you enough to visit him. So it was an opportunity to bring out my mini-savarin moulds. I really like the idea of ​​filling them with praline. You can choose another shape, or do without by simply making small piles on a baking sheet. There won’t be any extra praline, but I assure you, it’s already very good!
These little crispies can be kept cool, especially if it’s hot. But, it’s a safe bet that you won’t keep them for long.

Crisps with puffed rice, chocolate and praline:

80 g chocolate puffed rice
130g dark baking chocolate
50 g praline
1 pinch of fleur de sel
Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 20 second increments. Mix each time.
Add the praline and fleur de sel. Mix well.
Add the puffed rice and stir gently to coat the rice grains.
Distribute the preparation in small silicone molds or on a baking sheet.
Book cool.
Crisps with puffed rice, chocolate and praline
Unmold the crisps and optionally garnish them with praline.
You can also add a little fleur de sel if you like.

Crisps with puffed rice, chocolate and praline
To finish: next time, I add a few pieces of roasted almonds for even more crunch.

I ended up with a packet of coco pops. You can also use plain puffed rice. The main thing is that it is crispy.

My mini savarin molds are Demarle.

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