Crab and Shrimp Maki

“In Japan, this roll is called Ebikani Maki, here it is often called Maki Boston. It is very easy to make, especially if you have a bamboo placemat to shape it. I prepare them in a few minutes and with a little practice, you will manage to be just as fast! »

Degree of difficulty: Medium
Number of guests : for 8 maki
Preparation time : 20 minutes
Cooking time: no cooking

Ingredients :

– 4 large prawns, peeled
– 150 g of crab
– ½ cucumber cut into thin strips
– 2 tablespoons of tobiko (egg lump)
– 150 g of sushi rice (to buy in a specialized grocery store)
– 1 avocado
– young lettuce shoots
– 2 sheets of sushi seaweed (nori)
– black and white sesame seeds (optional)
– pickled ginger for serving

Utensil: a bamboo placemat to roll the makis

Preparation :

If you have a bamboo placemat:

– Slightly wet your hands.
– On a bamboo mat, place a sheet of nori seaweed (the shiny side must be on the outside).
– Model the sushi rice and flatten it evenly on the seaweed sheet (1 inch thick).


– Place a few young green shoots, a bit of tobiko, crab, 2 prawns, avocado and the cucumber in the middle, in order.


– Roll the maki using the bamboo mat to form a roll.


Variation for rolling the maki without a bamboo mat:

– Lightly wet your hands
– On a sheet of nori seaweed (shiny side up), place a layer of sushi rice one inch thick.
– Flip the nori, the rice must be below the seaweed
– Place the young shoots, the cucumber, 2 shrimps, the tobiko, the crab and the avocado on the seaweed (the rice is on the outside)


– Roll everything in saran paper and shape the maki, then remove the saran paper and sprinkle the roll with sesame seeds


Assembly :

– Cut the maki into 4 using a large, sharp knife dipped in water: the cut must be clean and straight.


– Serve with pickled ginger

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