Coulants with chestnut cream and chocolate truffles

Have you noticed that I have accelerated the pace of my publications?
It must be said that I have plenty of recipes related to the holidays. Some even date from last year and, we have to face the facts, I don’t have enough days left to post them all. I would have to consider two articles a day… and again!

So I continue to give you “festive” recipes.
When I want to give a festive air to my desserts, whatever the time of year, I don’t hesitate for a second and I prepare a coulant. It’s a safe bet! At chocolate or to caramelit only takes 5 minutes to make it and the tasting pleasure is the same every time.

For Christmas, I wanted a coulant with chestnut cream flavored with a hint of rum. The heart is a chocolate truffle.
Every bite of this coulant is a party.

Coulants with chestnut cream and chocolate truffles:

200g chestnut cream
60 g softened butter
40g brown sugar
2 eggs
30g flour
1 good tsp of amber rum
4 chocolate truffels

Preheat the oven to 210°C.

Mix the soft butter and the chestnut cream.

Whisk eggs and sugar.
Add the flour. To mix together.
Add the chestnut cream and rum. To mix together.

Grease 4 small molds.

Spread half the dough, a truffle and the rest of the dough.

Cook for about 8 minutes.

Let cool slightly then unmold onto a plate.

Enjoy immediately.

To finish: for a perfect mold release, I always use a grease bomb, like those used by professionals. It really is ideal!
Since I know this product, I have even returned to traditional moulds, to the detriment of my many silicone moulds.

Cooking is very important. Depending on the molds used and the oven, it may be necessary to adjust the time slightly.

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