Cookie spread

Today, I should have offered you a new pancake recipe, but I couldn’t find a niche to make them. It must be said that during the month of January, the cakes are linked, my daughter’s birthday, then mine. And this year, a little trip to Lille (which I won’t fail to tell you about shortly) even came between the two birthday cakes. I came home late and on Saturday, I took the opportunity to sleep in. When I got up, I was surprised to discover a brunch, organized by the boys of the house. They had prepared a shipment of pancakes salty and sweet. Eggs, bacon, cheese, chorizo, raspberries and cookie spread accompanied the pancakes. I like!

Except that when we opened the little jar of cookie spread, we had the bad surprise to discover that she had taken it badly. However, I had only bought it a few days earlier, when I discovered this new brand in my supermarket. I had been tempted by its originality.

So, yesterday, I studied the ingredients and tried to make it myself. The result is more than satisfactory. The texture is very pleasant, easily spreadable and the taste of cookies is very present. I really like to come across a chocolate chip.

My pancakes of the day will love it!

Cookie spread:

100 g of cookies (Granola)
70g whole milk
30g brown sugar
60 g of milk chocolate (Ghana origin Barry)
30 g rapeseed oil

Preheat the oven to 160°C.

Remove large chocolate chips from cookies and set aside.

Put the cookies in the oven for 10/12 minutes.
Leave to cool then blend to obtain a fine powder.
Add milk chocolate.

Heat the milk and sugar then pour it over the cookies and chocolate.
Mix by whisking vigorously.
When the chocolate is well melted, add the oil and continue whisking until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Add the reserved chocolate chips.

Pour into a container and keep cool.
Consume during the week.

To finish: it is possible to make the recipe with the Thermomix. Mix the cooled cookies at speed 8 for a few seconds then continue the recipe at speed 3 or 4.

I used Granola cookies. They have the particularity of being soft. So I put them in the oven.
If you’re using homemade cookies, bake them a little longer to crisp them up.
They also have the particularity of being covered with large nuggets. It’s really the little extra of this spread. You could also add pieces of pecans…

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