Coffee liqueur (Kahlùa)

Kahlùa is a coffee liqueur of Mexican origin. It can be used in various cocktails, but also (and above all!) to deliciously flavor many cakes.
I also used it to make chocolate and raspberry birthday cake that I posted earlier.

Coffee liqueur is the kind of product that I like to have at home, but that I don’t like to buy. I had already had the opportunity to test a recipe based on soluble coffee. The result was nice, but unfortunately we felt too much taste. And soluble coffee is still blah, blah!

This time I used cold brewed coffee. It is a coffee concentrate that has the particularity of being cold infused. The flavors are perfect.
The liquor tastes really nice and promises to get even better with age since I put a vanilla bean inside.

This liqueur will make a superb gift to slip into a gourmet basket.

Coffee liqueur (Kahlùa):

125g golden sugar
80g water
130 g cold brewed coffee (recipe here)
200 g fruit alcohol
1 vanilla pod (which has already been used for another preparation, so without the seeds)

In a saucepan, put the sugar, water and vanilla pod.
Bring to a boil to melt the sugar.
Let cool.

Add coffee and fruit brandy.
To mix together.

Pour everything into a bottle.
Leave to rest for a few months.

To finish: alcohol for fruit at 39°C, that’s not what I prefer. At one time you could find pure alcohol in pharmacies and I only used that for my liqueurs. Today, it is impossible to find any, at least in France.
You could also use vodka.

To have pretty bottles for cheap, think about garage sales. We find some wonderful ones!

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