Coffee ice cream without an ice cream maker

Summer is finally here and with it, here comes the return of ice cream. I like to eat them all year round, but it’s still good when the sun is beating down that they are the best. I have already given you a number of my ice cream recipes, but for the moment none with coffee and none with sweetened condensed milk.
If you follow me, you know that sweetened condensed milk is my latest fad. And I can assure you, I haven’t finished testing with it.
Thanks to it, it is even possible to obtain ice cream with the perfect texture without using an ice cream machine. Simpler, it is absolutely impossible!

This coffee ice cream is the first I have made on this principle. We were really delighted by its smoothness. Frankly, it was as good as a lot of ice cream made properly with an ice cream machine.

Coffee ice cream without an ice cream maker:
(According to nigella)

300 g full cream
180g sweetened condensed milk
5.6 g espresso soluble coffee (3 sticks of 1.8 g)
2 tbsp coffee liqueur (recipe here)

Whip the very cold cream into a fairly stiff whipped cream.
Add sweetened condensed milk and coffee. Whisk another moment to mix well.
Add the coffee liqueur.
It’s ready!

Pour the preparation into a box and leave to set in the freezer for a few hours.

Take the ice cream out a few minutes before enjoying it.

To finish: I am often asked if it is possible to replace one ingredient with another. I often cannot answer without having tested. Sometimes it is obvious that it can be done, without any impact on the final result. Other times, on the contrary, you cannot expect the end result to be the same, without modifying the whole recipe. Might as well choose another recipe, more to your liking.
This ice cream contains only 4 ingredients. Each has its own importance.
The coffee must be espresso, because it is a very fine powder that dissolves perfectly, unlike classic soluble coffee.
Alcohol makes for a smoother ice cream.
Sweetened condensed milk no longer contains water and sweetens the ice cream. This is what makes it possible to have an ice cream without crystals, when it is associated with cream, which is rich in fat.

As I told you above, I did other ice cream trials without an ice cream maker with sweetened condensed milk. Maybe other recipes to plan…

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