Coco rocks

Coco rocks

I find that this time of year is the hardest to bear. The days are getting shorter, the cold is setting in, and already Christmas is everywhere. This all really depresses me.
But I found the treat that definitely cheers me up with these coconut rocks. They are too good!

I tested different recipes, but the best is that of Christophe Felder. They are perfect.
I couldn’t resist adding a little chocolate. Without, I think something is missing. Ideally, it should be tempered beforehand, so that it is shiny and crunchy. I didn’t do it here, and that’s fine too.
These delicious little rocks go very well with tea, but also with coffee or hot chocolate.

Coco rocks

40g egg white
85g sugar
100 g grated coconut
10g applesauce
50g dark chocolate

In a heat-resistant bowl, mix the egg white, sugar, coconut and compote.
Place this salad bowl on a pan of water to make a bain-marie.
Heat everything to 50°C.
Let cool.

Preheat the oven to 220°C.

Shape small regular coconut balls and place them on a baking sheet.

Bake for about 5 minutes (a little longer if you make them a little bigger than mine). Turn the plate halfway through cooking. They should be lightly golden.
Let cool.

Melt the chocolate (or better, temper it), then dip the rocks in it. Place them back on the baking sheet to set.
Eventually, make drips with a cornet on it.

Coconut rocks Christophe Felder
To finish: do not ask me if the compote is essential. C. Felder says put some on, I’m listening. And I’ve never tried without.

Tempering chocolate is easier than it looks. I told you all about it in this article.

These coconut rocks will be perfect for your assortment of Christmas cupcakes.

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