Chocolate salted butter caramel

Chocolate salted butter caramel

Salted butter caramel… We all love this delicious treat. In the chocolate version, it’s even more addictive.

Of course, we make our homemade caramel spreads. It’s absolutely unmissable. The principle is quite simple. Personally, I prefer to start with a dry caramel. It’s a bit of a technical term to say that you don’t add water to make the caramel. Often, we see written “put the sugar and a little water in the pan”. Here you forget the water. By doing so, you get a more caramelized caramel, richer in taste, and less bitter than its equivalent with water. To make this caramel, just cover the bottom of the pan with sugar and let it melt over very low heat. I add sugar little by little, in the places that have already melted.
Once the caramel is quite amber, we willjoust hot cream, then chocolate, and finally butter and fleur de sel. You will get a caramel to die for, which will be perfect for all your sandwiches and to garnish your desserts. I really like to use it with rice pudding. It’s as delicious as can be.

Don’t hesitate to slip a nice pot of chocolate caramel into your gourmet baskets. With a pretty brioche, it’s the perfect gourmet gift.

Chocolate Salted Butter Caramel:

100g sugar
200 ml full cream (1 briquette)
40g chocolate (70%)
20g butter
1/2 tsp fleur de sel

Put about half of the sugar on the whole bottom of a saucepan.
Let melt over low heat. The sugar will start to melt and caramelize in some places. gradually add the remaining sugar. (You can swirl the pan on itself, but don’t stir with a spoon)

Meanwhile, heat the cream without boiling it.

When the caramel has a nice color, add the cream several times. (Beware of projections and overflows.)
Return the pan to the heat to re-melt the hardened caramel. At this point you can mix with a wooden spoon.

Off the heat, add the chocolate and butter. To mix together.
Add the fleur de sel.

Chocolate salted butter caramel
Pour this caramel into a jar and let it cool to room temperature.
Afterwards, keep it refrigerated for about 1 week. You can take it out a little in advance or even put it in the microwave for a few seconds if you want it to be more liquid.

Chocolate salted butter caramel

To finish: you can also use salted butter. But I admit that I rarely have any at home.

For the fleur de sel, measure according to your taste. Personally, I like the salt to be present.
For the salted butter caramel, the recipe is here.
And for a chocolate and raspberry version, it’s here.

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