Chocolate raspberry caramel spread

Chocolate raspberry caramel spread

I really like chocolate raspberry jam. Unfortunately, they are rarely found. Of course, I tried a few times to make it at home, but the result did not appeal to me. So when I saw a raspberry chocolate caramel while leafing through Christophe Adams’ Raspberry book, I thought it might be fun to try. The idea of ​​starting with a caramel, to which we add chocolate and raspberry seemed to me terribly greedy.

And indeed, the result exceeded my expectations. The flavors are present. The texture is perfect. It is thick but easily spreadable even straight out of the fridge. It becomes more liquid at room temperature or on contact with heat, which makes it perfect for use on pancakes or waffles.

This raspberry chocolate caramel is a real favorite and I’m sure it will seduce many gourmets. I can well imagine testing other flavors from this base… Perhaps an apricot or mango Dulcey caramel…

Caramel chocolate raspberry spread:

85 g full cream

2g salt

145g sugar

70g glucose

35g cocoa butter

70g milk chocolate (Barry)

50g raspberry purée

10g lime juice

35g soft butter

Heat the cream and salt. To book.

Put the sugar and glucose in a saucepan and let caramelize.

Off the heat, pour in the hot cream in several batches. To mix together.

Add the cocoa butter and mix well.

Pour everything over the chocolate. Mix vigorously.

Then add the raspberry puree and lemon juice.

When the caramel is lukewarm, add the butter, using a soup plunger until the mixture is perfect.

Refrigerate and possibly take out a little in advance.

Chocolate raspberry caramel spread

To finish: I followed Christophe Adams’ recipe to the letter except for the 2 drops of raspberry flavoring and the red food coloring added at the end.

The raspberry purée can be replaced by a homemade coulis.

Glucose is now easily found, even in supermarkets. Cocoa butter may be a little harder to find. You have to go to specialized stores.
These two products have many uses in baking and have a long shelf life.

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