Chocolate hazelnut spread

Homemade hazelnut chocolate spread

The holidays are fast approaching. We will finally be able to draw a line under this school year, to say the least, special. And who says holidays, says snacks. The essential and so pleasant little break when you play a whole afternoon. Bread and spread. It’s the snack we all love, right? With pancakes, it’s downright the best time we can share.

How about making the spread yourself? I’m not hiding it from you, it takes a little more time to prepare it than taking a pot from the shelf and putting it in the shopping cart. But it’s so good. This spread is very rich in hazelnuts. That’s what makes all the difference. It has an extra taste of praline. She is to die for! So yes, it’s a little time consuming, but it’s so satisfying to make your own dough. Especially this one, it really is the best recipe.

Clearly, we could eat the pot with a spoon. Which I do not recommend, because it is still very high in sugar. It remains a delicacy, a small pleasure that we agree.

Its texture is perfect. I am lucky to have a very powerful robot. This is the essential element to make this recipe easily and efficiently. Indeed, to pass whole hazelnuts to the dough, you have to mix very strongly or for a long time. The risk, if the robot is not powerful enough, is to overheat the motor.

Chocolate hazelnut spread:

(after Christophe Michalak)

270g whole hazelnuts
120g sugar
1 to 2 fine pinches of fleur de sel
150g icing sugar
150g milk chocolate
25 g powdered milk
10g cocoa
10g hazelnut oil

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Put the hazelnuts on a plate and let them brown for about 20 minutes. They must be very golden (without burning).
Leave to cool, then rub them to remove the skin.

Prepare a caramel.
To do this, cover the bottom of a saucepan with some of the sugar. Let cook over medium heat. when the sugar is melted in one place, add some. Continue like this until you have used 120 g of sugar. Above all, never stir with a spoon. Just stir the pan.
Add the fleur de sel.

Pour this caramel onto a baking sheet and leave to cool.

In the robot, put 120 g of hazelnuts and the coarsely broken caramel.
Mix until you have a fine paste.
Reserve in a bowl.

In the robot, put the remaining hazelnuts and the icing sugar.
Mix until you still have a fine paste.
Add the melted chocolate and continue to mix again.

Add the rest of the ingredients, the praline, powdered milk, cocoa and hazelnut oil.
Mix again, until you have a smooth spread.

You have just prepared a luxury spread.
Treat yourself!

Store in jars at room temperature.

Recipe for hazelnut chocolate spread

To finish: this recipe is not complicated and is rather very simple to make if you have a good robot. We can do it and redo it very regularly.

The fleur de sel feels good. I like that little salty taste. You can add a little less.

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