Chocolate Floating Islands for Easter

On this week’s program there will be special Easter recipes, and then… more special Easter recipes. We promise, we’ll have fun.

To start this little series, I offer you a very quick and delicious recipe.
You know I love making floating islands. This is indeed a very good way to use egg whites. Most of the time, I accompany them with fruit coulis. For Easter, I served them with a chocolate soup.

Children can participate in the realization of this dessert. The meringue is cooked in the microwave. Then just cut it nicely and present it on the sauce.
A few sweets to make it look pretty, and all you have to do is enjoy.

chocolate floating islands:

Floating islands:

4 egg whites (120g)
55g sugar

Whip the egg whites.
When the whip begins to leave traces, add the sugar little by little.

Lightly oil a square or rectangular mold of about 20 cm which goes in the microwave.
Fill it with the whipped egg whites.

Cook in the microwave 3 times 30 seconds at 650 Watts.

Invert the mold onto a plate to unmold.
Let cool.

Chocolate soup:

100g chocolate (70%)
100g milk
30 g liquid cream

Heat the milk then pour it over the chocolate.
Let stand for 1 minute, then stir.
Add the cream. To mix together.
Let cool to room temperature.

Divide the chocolate soup among 4 plates.
Place the floating islands on top, cut out using a cookie cutter.
Decorate with small candies.

To finish: this little dessert can be made at Easter, but not only…

You have pretty cutters in the shape of flowers, eggs, rabbits… They will be perfect!
To eat the meringue scraps, all you need to do is make a little more chocolate soup, or a little fruit coulis. I’m sure you’ll find it.

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